16-year-old DJ Xesha, a musical artist, tells the truth about how life used to be.

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DJ Xesha tells his story and shares his life experience as a 16-year-old DJ.

There is no limit to what a person can do to change the world, but it is entirely up to that person and their spirit.

— DJ Xesha

NELSPRUIT, MPUMALANGA, SOUTH AFRICA, Jan. 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 16-year-old amapiano and dance DJ grew up in Mpumalanga. He didn’t always want to be a musician until he understood music.

In his early days, he was an independent artist without a label or record to guide him on his journey. Things were really difficult in the beginning, his music wasn’t good because he was still practicing, it took him a whole year to try and master some musical techniques, it didn’t happen overnight. He didn’t have the support he needed including equipment, all he had was a basic laptop to get started.

In May 2021, he released his single impilo Before I Rise. He didn’t have much experience then. His songs weren’t good enough so he kept correcting his mistakes as he didn’t have speakers to clarify the noise and bass levels of his songs. He released 9 to 9 in 2021 around November. He didn’t get much attention or notice. He used his facebook pages and instagram page to bring him to the right audience. It had no marketing as it was out of its accessibility. He opened his Sound Cloud account and started posting there, he had 0 subscribers for months and his games were below 10, he was not noticed. But today he has over 50 subscribers and 500 listens and he continues to grow. He used personalized playlists and interacted with his fanbase, including other artists. He used the same strategy on Audio Mack where he went from 0 subscribers to 200 subscribers and 18 monthly subscribers.

Today, he owns his own music company called Xesha Music Group, also known as XMG. His company has just started. He did it out of passion and to help others reach the top because he believes everyone deserves a chance. Xesha Music Group is available online, there is no physical address.

DJ Xesha went from nothing to something no one gave him, so he came out to do it on his own. His advice to new and upcoming artists or anyone with a similar dream or who wants to achieve it is that they shouldn’t stress or worry. They should put their trust in God and do what they do best, whether it’s music, dancing, creating videos. Don’t let the numbers get you down. Just be consistent and do your best
Any artist is welcome to come to Xesha Music Group, whether they want to use services or anything, it’s a free platform for everyone. DJ Xesha is a real rising star, but he promises to release his best songs when he finishes his album, including singers. Simply save it on all your platforms while it releases its album. If you want a feature or contact DJ Xesha, open one of his YouTube videos or send him a direct message on Instagram.

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