25 News Now Sunrise hosts country music artist Ryan Sims, first studio gig in over 5 years

Country music artist Ryan Sims was joined by guitarist Joe Peasall and friends for a 25 News Now Sunrise studio gig.

VICTORIA, Texas — Country music artist Ryan Sims stopped by Crossroads for a studio gig. The last live concert on 25 News Now Sunrise was over five years ago. When a global pandemic hit things like live shows were dropped, years later live music is back.

The Sims and guitarist Joe Peasall were at the 25 News Now studio for a gig where they performed three songs for Sunrise.

It wasn’t just country music stars in the building, the president and chief executive of Morgan Murphy Media, Victoria Television Group’s parent company, Elizabeth Murphy Burns, was in the studio. It was a visit to the station to remind those who work here that she is always a phone call away.

The Sims performed several songs to wake up 25 News Now Sunrise viewers as well as darker songs.

Sim’s latest single, “Songs About Us,” had feet pounding and hearts racing.

Along with her music management team and Liz Burns, they were able to visit the Victoria Television Group, meet and speak with the employees face to face again, something COVID-19 has not allowed for the past two years.

25 News Now got to sit down with The Sims and ask how difficult the past two years as an artist have been, with very little, if any, live performance opportunities.

“You know the musicians just took a huge hit, well I mean and it’s understandable there was nowhere to play, people can’t congregate, it kind of goes against music, from a live perspective. But it seems like everyone’s realized that now. People are going back on tour,” says Sims.

He also mentioned what he found to be his key to happiness, often pulling him out of life’s weak spots.

“Woo man, I often feel weird these days, but you know, stick around like one or two close friends, you don’t need a band, and make sure they’re people you can I don’t need to feel like I’m afraid of heavy stuff with it but for me it’s also my guitar I have a guitar in my hand most time,” says Sims.

Before hopping on a plane to their next performance simulations and his band were sent off with a care package containing unique products that can only be found in Victoria, from Mumford’s barbecue sauce to a mug to Crossroads Today cafe.

Sims says next time he’s in Victoria he’ll be sure to let us know, and until then you can find him on music streaming services, just search for Ryan Sims and click here to visit his site website.