Ableton Live 11 is a music studio at home. This training explores how to get the most out of it.

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Between COVID and the astronomical cost of studio time, it’s no wonder 2020 has been a year where everyone from newbies to mega-stars like Metallica and Fiona Apple have followed Billie Eilish’s route and just start recording all his new music at home.

Thankfully, technical tools have finally begun to catch up with artists’ ambition on this front, with digital audio workstations like Ableton creating an immaculate range of recording and mixing capabilities for musicians and composers of all skill levels.

The latest version of Ableton’s wildly popular DAW, Ableton Live 11, made its debut earlier this year – and for the adventurous or the cheap (or both!) musical explorer, it’s opened up all sorts of new doors in creating music that sounds like the product of a daytime studio straight from your home.

The Ableton Live 11 Music Production Essentials Complete Bundle breaks down all these capabilities, helping audio enthusiasts of all experience levels get the most out of this incredibly powerful application.

This collection of eight lessons opens with a three-part introductory session, laying out all the basics of recording and audio engineering with Ableton 11, even for the most novice newbie user. Along with the various workstation views and editing options, these courses also explore fundamental tasks such as quantizing and building arrangements, as well as more complex projects including looping and loop recording.

Then three more courses delve deeper into music production, with step-by-step tutorials for accomplishing all those cool effects professional producers use to warp audio, create drum tracks, and take full advantage of the expansive EQ audio effects. Ableton channel 11.

This collection also includes a pair of lessons dedicated to music theory, digging into the art of song construction through major and minor scales, chord progressions and lyrics to understand why a song works – and how to make this structure work for your compositions.

The Complete Ableton Live 11 Music Production Essentials Bundle is a $1,600 package of intensive audio training, but thanks to this offer, the complete collection is now available for over 90% of its usual cost, down to just $35.99 usd.

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