Album Review: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Wilde Kinder

Album Review: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Wilde Kinder

A true yet distinctive take on the melodic death metal genre

For twenty-seven years, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter has been a dominant force on the German metal scene. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (translated as The Apocalyptic Riders) uses a melodic death/thrash metal sound that has earned them international acclaim with their incredible flow and powerful lyrics.

In April 2022, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter released their twelfth studio album, Wild Kinder. What has enabled the band’s long-standing success is its consistency and developing chemistry. The current line-up consists of Daniel Täumel on vocals, Volkmar Weber on bass, Mark Szakul on keyboards, Georg Lenhardt on drums and Adrian Vogel on guitar.

Wilde Kinder celebrates the twenty-seventh anniversary of the group and does it with a bang. Wilde Kinder is well produced and comes with authentic and emotionally sounding vocals. The Weimar, Germany-based band showcase their musical talents on Wilde Kinder with a collection of various songs.

“Von Freiheit will Ich singen” begins Wilde Kinder staying true to the genre of melodic death metal. The music is moderate in its use of bass and drums, as it balances the two which make the song sound more like rock than death metal. “Von Freiheit will Ich singen” is an example of how Die Apokalyptischen Reiter can balance both the extreme metalcore and melodic death metal seen in Wilde. Kinder.

“Alles ist gut” is another example of how Die Apokalyptischen Reiter can balance different instruments and influences throughout. Wilde Kinder. What differentiates the two songs are the feelings of suspense given by the voice. In “Alles ist gut” there is a feeling of suspense and despair which is very well complemented by the instrumentals. The ability to create new sounds from song to song is something that Die Apokalyptischen Reiter has done exceptionally well on Wilde Kinder.

“Blau” shows the band’s continued ability to balance different musical tones and sounds. This track is a quieter song than the others, in the sense that the thrash metal shown earlier is toned down. Nevertheless, the music is still pleasant and complemented by softer vocals.

Wilde Kinder is exceptional for the diverse use of vocals and music. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter can keep their sound fresh from song to song. The band can adapt instrumentally and vocally, making for a quirky and refreshing take on melodic death metal. For twenty-seven years, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter has dominated the German metal scene and doesn’t seem to have slowed down.