Album Review: Florence + the Machine – Dance Fever

Album Review: Florence + the Machine - Dance Fever

An impressive and honest album

Florence + the Machine recently released their latest album dance fever on May 15, 2022. This is the band’s highly anticipated fifth studio album. Florence Welch, the leader of the group, writes about her femininity, her love and her uncertainty during the pandemic. She covers these topics with an intriguing production that keeps the listener enthralled with the use of driving drums, distorted guitars and unforgettable vocals. Florence + the Machine’s latest album is an impressive and honest collection of stories and feelings.

The album’s first track, “King”, is an honest and melancholy revelation of Welch’s feelings. She sings of her struggle to find and fulfill her identity while living the lifestyle that her career imposes on her; being “no mother” and “no wife”. She puts aside the expectations of being a woman and decides to focus on her art, and she is “King”. It’s an honest and intriguing song with poetic lyrics and alternate accompaniment.

“Dream Girl Evil” explores the expectations placed on women to be perfect or bad in a man’s society. She sings about the two contradictory images and what it means to realize each of them. A theme of this album is an exploration of the expectations that society places on women in all aspects of life. “Dream Girl Evil” reflects many of these thematic sentiments. Welch is backed by strong backing that echoes the honesty and angst behind the lyrics.

The eighth track, “Cassandra”, is inspired by a character from Greek mythology who could predict the future but was never believed. She uses Cassandra’s story as a metaphor for her prediction of the COVID-19 pandemic in her 2018 song “June”. strange voices.

The next track is called “Heaven Is Here”. This song creatively uses vocals, has percussion to dominate the accompaniment, and the vocals follow the example of said accompaniment. Welch sings most of it and even speaks at the end, creating a strange but very poetic piece. This gives Welch a particularly powerful and in-control sound as she tells her partner her expectations.

The third single from the album “My Love” is an energetic and poetic track. Welch sings about the writer’s block she experienced during the pandemic amid all the uncertainty. She wonders what to do with her thoughts without being able to write or play during this time. While the lyrics are sad, the accompaniment is powerful and full. The song features a dance beat, but still retains its alternative rock sound.

Overall, Florence + the Machine’s latest album, dance fever, is an awe-inspiring work that explores the feelings and struggles Florence Welch faced as a young woman and her thoughts that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a great addition for any fan of their previous works.