American music artist Selena Gomez joins Nigerian sensation Rema for remix of popular song ‘Calm Down’

After having teased the song several times on social networks “Calm” by Selena Gomez and Rema is finally out and available to stream on all major platforms.

Ppopular Nigerian rapper Divine Ikubor aka Remacollaborated with American songwriter Selena Gomez for their brand new song “Calm.” The song is as soothing as it gets with both artists’ haunting vocals, with Rema lending an African touch to the latest production. On the other hand, Selena Gomez’s second verse perfectly matches the rhythm and beats of the track. The YouTube video was choreographed in a simple yet creative way, emphasizing the lyrics more than the visuals. The clip’s visuals feature exterior shots that show different types of fabrics, flowers, some home decor materials influenced by African culture, and more. The track is actually a remix of the second single from Rave & Roses, Rema’s debut studio album. The initial track also topped number 56 on the Billboard Global Excl. in the United States and peaked at number 7 on the Billboard US Afrobeat Songs. The brilliant songwriting of the Nigerian artist coupled with the excellent part of Selena did not go unnoticed as the song became the hot topic in the international music community. The title of the song is absolutely justified, because listeners can really calm down after listening to the song.

The track’s smooth progression can engage the hearts of many with its crisp, soothing beats. Speaking of the instrumentals, all of the musical composition throughout the 4-minute track has been mixed in an ideal way that magically matches the rhythm of the song. In a world full of artists, where most artists and musicians are busy offering music based on hip-hop and rock, Selena Gomez and Rema have proven that a musical production, rich in words, in feelings and emotions can also attract listeners. The 22-year-old African artist has proven that if there is talent and a real desire to excel, nothing in the world can stop it. With a total of 3 verses and 2 choruses where the two artists sang, the song once again seems destined to top several charts. The concept of portraying love in the subject of the song sung by a male and female artist makes it even more interesting. Music lovers around the world can now stream the song “Calm” on YouTube and other major music streaming platforms. Don’t forget to follow Rema and Selena Gomez on Instagram, TwitterFacebook and all other social media platforms for more entertaining productions and regular updates.