Anuel AA, the king of Latin trap music, launches a new NFT collection

A few years ago, the music industry was disrupted when streaming services changed the way people consume and pay for music. Now, with the growing popularity of NFTs, musicians can monetize their work without working with a major record label. Annual AA, the Puerto Rican rapper and singer who is often credited with popularizing the Latin trap subgenre, has launched a new collection of NFTs. A renowned industry leader, Anuel’s move is indicative of an emerging trend in which musicians are using blockchain technology to monetize their work, which is an example of how the industry is embracing new technologies.

While it will be At Anuel’s first foray into the NFT world, he works with industry veterans. One of them is Duquan Brown from Future Media and Carrie Lyn from The Creative House. These experts have worked on successful NFT collections before and have years of experience in media, marketing and project development. José Gazmey, Anuel’s father and former vice president of the Puerto Rican division of Sony Music Entertainment’s A&R department. Other members include Jofre Cruz of Entertainment Architects. With this project, Anuel seeks to create a community of NFT enthusiasts and fans, to give back to society and to create a legacy for future generations.

As one of the first Latin artists to launch an NFT collection, anual again paves the way for others. The rapper’s latest project will include physical assets and exclusive real-life experiences such as limited-edition merchandise. Project leaders will also benefit from exclusive access to album release parties, studio visits, listening sessions, etc. 5% of proceeds from this project will go to Anuel’s nonprofit in perpetuity, contributing to his philanthropic efforts for the next generation.

Since the beginning of his professional career more than ten years ago, anual did a lot to pave the way for other artists. Although he grew up listening to salsa and hip-hop music, he felt he could do more with his talents, experimenting with different genres until he found his niche. Despite some challenges along the way, he stayed true to his goal and pioneered a new type of music. As the sound flourished, so did Anuel.

Over the years, he released hit songs that topped many charts. His three studio albums were all hits, dominating the top spot on the Top Latin Albums chart for weeks. Anuel has also contributed to other successful projects and landed top spots on Billboard’s Top 100 Artists list. With a loyal audience of over 28 million followers on instagram and 21M subscribers on Youtube, his songs have had thousands of downloads and millions of streams on different platforms. Its authenticity and innovation continue to attract new fans every day, and it’s one of the reasons Anuel wants to leave a legacy.

The launch of his NFT collection will coincide with his upcoming world tour, where Anuel hopes to meet more fans around the world. Anuel’s dream is to inspire more people to stay true to themselves, to pursue their dreams, no matter what obstacles they encounter in their path. As his project grows, he hopes it will impact more lives in the future and remind them that persistence pays.