Apocalyptic Apes Acquires NFT Music Artist Sammy Arriaga’s MetaGirl Digital Hearts for Queen Ape NFT Project

Apocalyptic Apes purchased 100 MetaGirl Digital Heart NFTs by singer-songwriter Sammy Arriaga which were included in their Queen Ape collection.

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/May 5, 2022/ Apocalyptic monkeys recently sold its Queen Ape collection in less than three hours of public minting, raising $1.5 million for the women-led project. To support independent music artists entering the Web3 space, Apocalyptic Apes has purchased 100 albums from singer-songwriter Sammy Arriaga MetaGirl digital heart NFT included in the Queen Ape collection.

“We want to support independent music artists in the NFT community so they don’t have to spend all their time on Web3 and can continue to focus on their music,” said Bill Starkov (Fity.Eth), founder of ‘Apocalyptic Apes. “Sammy has been an important part of the Apocalyptic Apes community and his song MetaGirl has been the Queens Anthem, so it made sense to incorporate his MetaGirl NFTs into the collection.”

100 Queen Ape NFT holders were airdropped with Sammy’s MetaGirl Digital Hearts, which included Queen Ape artwork featuring MetaGirl Digital Hearts, unique music from Sammy’s Web3 love song “Metagirl”, the artist music revenue sharing and an exclusive event. reveal. The MetaGirl Golden Heart NFT holder will win a signed acoustic guitar and a private concert by Sammy in his hometown.

“NFTs restore value to art of all kinds and re-ignite creators to pursue their passion without fear by allowing them to retain ownership. Through the power of web3, musical artists are going to be able to amplify the musical experience by bringing back the old school ‘Fan Club’ and sprinkling the future into it,” said the Nashville-based singer. “I’m so grateful to have MetaGirl included in the Queen Ape project and to be part of the Apocalyptic Apes community making moves in space that have never been done.”

To know more about apocalyptic monkeys and monkey queens, please visit the official website here. To know more about MetaGirl Digital Hearts by Sammy Arriaga, please visit the official website here. Queen Ape image resources can be found here. Sammy Arriaga image resources can be found here.


Apocalyptic Apes is an NFT art collection that first released 8,888 post-apocalypse genesis ape NFT artwork in October 2021 and sold out within two months. Post apocalypse monkey artwork is created by artist Haddy, monkeys representing a dark apocalyptic era caused by human waste and contamination. Founder Bill Starkov (Fity.Eth) and the team behind Apocalyptic Apes contribute and partner with global impact companies to replace plastics with hemp and other biodegradable materials. They support female-led projects in the Web3 space, as well as NFT music artists. Apocalyptic Ape NFTs have 7.7,000 Ethereum trading volume (over $22.5 million), with their second female-led Queen Ape collection raising over $1.5 million and selling in less than three hours.


Bill Starkov (aka Fity.Eth) is a member of BAYC and founder of the NFT collection, Apocalyptic Apes. The first Apocalyptic Apes genesis NFT collection was launched in October 2021 and sold out in two months, with the second Queen Apes collection raising $1.5 million and selling out in three hours on April 28, 2022. Starkov is passionate about l use of NFTs to support women, artists, creators and the environment. Raised in Los Angeles, Starkov provided casting services for hundreds of different media outlets and worked with top international brands. He invests in and builds high-end residential and commercial real estate and has used his community building skills to create a tight-knit and highly engaged community of Apocalyptic Apes.


Sammy Arriaga is a Miami-born, Nashville-based Cuban-American singer-songwriter. It has become a leader in the Web3 space as an early adopter of music NFTs. In April 2022, he sold over $250,000 of his first musical NFTs by selling his collection of 1,500 METAGIRL Digital Hearts in less than two months. After 12 years in the music industry, the 30-year-old shares with his hundreds of thousands of fans how Web3 was the best thing that ever happened to his music career. The bilingual singer, known for incorporating Latin beats into his country sound, parted ways with his main record company and is now a fully independent artist. Arriaga owns all of his music and has innovated his career and established an engaged and loyal culture through the power, creativity and novelty of NFTs – and he empowers other artists to do the same.


Sammy Arriaga’s METAGIRL Digital Heart Music NFT are digital collectibles from his first blockchain single “METAGIRL” embedded in a 3D artwork of an anatomical beating heart. NFTs act as a digital key to a curated NFT music experience that allows holders access to exclusive Arriaga recordings, merchandise, music videos, interviews, in-person performances, pre-sales for future projects and more. Again. Owners who achieve five particular Digital Hearts are rewarded with an exclusive package, with one winner receiving a bespoke acoustic guitar and a personalized message from Sammy. Its next NFT drop is scheduled for summer 2022.


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