Australian Community Radio Music Selections

In this Dull tone seriesa different music director or presenter from some of the best community stations in the country have the opportunity to share Amrap’s best community musical discoveries.

This week, 3RRR Music Director Simon Winkler contributes with a list of local Community Radio music you should be listening to right now.

Check out his fine selections below, ranging from excellent Chapter Music artists to one of Australia’s top up-and-coming rappers.

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Laura Jean – ‘Teen again’

A new Laura Jean album is a major event, and Amateurs is another masterpiece from the revered artist. “Teenager Again” was in high rotation at Triple R and at home.

Don Glori – ‘Dlarème’

Don Glori is the pseudonym of local musician and composer Gordon Li. His debut album Welcome is an extraordinary collection inspired by jazz, house, soul and Brazilian music. “Dlareme” is a cheerful track that is equally suited to dance floors and headphone travel.

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Izy, Elle Shimada – ‘Moon’ (Elle Shimada Remix)

A compelling reworking of an Izy original from the 2021 album Irene. It follows on from this year’s incredible Elle Shimada album, blending electronics, live instrumentation, vocals and complex rhythms.

NO ZU – ‘Liquid Love’

Iconic local band NO ZU release their first new original music in six years. ‘Liquid Love’ is an ecstatic sample of their signature style, taken from the heat beat EP on Chapter Music. It follows the tragic passing of beloved band member Daphne Camf in 2021 and features his final recordings with the band.

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Scruffs – ‘Wonderful Day’ (ft. Savage The Girl)

One of many highlights from a recent mixtape/EP from drummer and producer Sydney Scruffs aka Moses MacRae. “Wonderful Day”, featuring Melbourne’s Savage The Girl, follows his other collaborations with Scruffs, including songs with Okenyo, Rainbow Chan, Ngaiire, Jonti and Glo, among others.

Mulalo – ‘HOUDINI’

Another essential track from Mulalo, recorded with frequent collaborator and good friend, Nerve. Mulalo says ‘HOUDINI’ is about “solidifying my music, self-expression, being who you are and having confidence in yourself. Knowing that if you believe in yourself, you are on the right path and will succeed in all areas.

Way Dynamic – ‘Just Begun’

Way Dynamic is the project of local multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dylan Young. Dylan is also well known for his brilliant work with a number of other bands including Snowy Band and Cool Sounds. As Way Dynamic, Dylan pays homage to some of the great bands of the 70s, including Steely Dan and Carole King. “Just Begun” reflects some of the project’s jazz and bossa pop influences.

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