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A local artist has a new single on the market.

Born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Jack Settle discovered his love of music at an early age and stuck to it through thick and thin. And now he has a new single called “Interstatin’.”

Settle says “Interstatin’ is my new single hitting all streaming platforms this Friday March 4th. It’s my first new music in almost 2 years and it’s the first of four singles from my first full studio album (to be released in May, official announcement to come). Settle adds, “Everything is recorded live with my band at the Smoakstack in Nashville.”

Making music is his passion, but his dream was nearly crushed before he started. In a recent interview, Jack told us about an event that changed his life. He said he woke up one morning to the effects of an unknown virus which attacked his right ear and left his hearing impaired. Jack said that at that point he decided he would pursue his dream of being a musician while he still had a chance to hear the melodies ringing out loud.

Settle’s dream took him to Nashville, Tennessee, where he forged his own path as a songwriter and musician.

Jack Settle definitely has all the tools. He’s blessed with a rich baritone voice and impressive guitar skills, whether solo or with his five-piece band, Settle always delivers.

When asked what he hopes listeners take away from his music, Settle said, “I want people to understand me through my music and I want them to feel understood. Music is an excellent reflection of human life, and life is more than just emotion. I want people to laugh and then maybe shed a tear on the next song.