Beatles and John Lennon music history collection to be auctioned as NFT

John Lennon’s eldest son, Julian, is selling some of the rarest pieces in music history from his private collection.

John Lennon’s coat from the movie “Magical Mystery Tour”, his cape from “Help!”, three guitars and Paul McCartney’s handwritten arrangement notes for “Hey Jude” are among the most sought-after memorabilia in the history of music up to the non-fungible token (NFT) auction.

The NFT series, titled “Lennon Connection: The NFT Collection,” opened for auction on Monday and will begin Feb. 7 in conjunction with NFT marketplace YellowHeart and Julien’s Auctions. A portion of the NFT auction will be donated to Lennon’s White Feather Foundation.

Julian would keep the original physical objects and the buyer would own the rights to the unique NFT. Each NFT in the collection would be offered as an audio-visual collectible, narrated by Julian Lennon himself.

The most notable item expected to attract the highest bid would be Paul McCartney’s handwritten note for Hey Jude. The NFT for the item has a starting price of $30,000.

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Julien’s Auctions has already sold other Beatles memorabilia for millions of dollars at auction. Some of the most notable items include one of John Lennon’s acoustic guitars which fetched $2.4 million, Ringo Starr’s drum kit sold for $2.2 million, the drum head used by Ringo on the “Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964 was sold for $2.1 million.

NFTs have become the latest trend in crypto and many believe it would disrupt the art industry. Mainstream artists and celebrities have abandoned traditional auctions for NFTs as they have become the latest trend in the art industry.