Billboard music content platform officially enters China

August 9, a world-renowned music content platform Billboard has announced its official entry into the Chinese marketfurther expanding its global influence and bringing rich global music trends and content to music lovers nationwide.

Since its founding in 1894, Billboard has been deeply involved in the entertainment industry, focusing on the world’s most popular singers, songs, albums and performances. With its global network of resources, Billboard has extensive music content and industry-leading charts, as well as a comprehensive charts database covering all musical genres.

Today, Billboard is not just a music magazine, but also a multi-dimensional music content platform that attracts tens of millions of music lovers, artists and industry experts around the world. The company offers innovative content, including exclusive interviews, original audio and video projects, music reviews and premier activities.

“Billboard’s official entry into China is very exciting,” said Mike Van, President of Billboard, adding, “We look forward to creating a platform for Chinese musicians to bring their unique musical and artistic creativity to fans.” music from around the world. We hope to tap more potential newcomers and create a more cutting-edge pop music culture together.

Billboard has now opened official accounts on Sina Weibo and WeChat, which will regularly showcase authoritative charts and the latest international music trends, also interacting with Chinese music fans. At the same time, Billboard announced the establishment of its “Billboard Master Collection” on Weibo. Composed of “golden ears” honed by years of work in the music industry, Billboard Master Collection aims to provide private music recommendations with professional quality and personal characteristics for Chinese music fans from an aesthetic perspective of edge and a unique musical taste.

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The entry into China demonstrates Billboard’s continued efforts to tap into the global music market. In addition to chart and music information, Billboard will also seek to cooperate with local industry partners in China to create a series of hit content suitable for Chinese music lovers, as well as to broadcast and promote Chinese artists and music in the world. whole world.