Blog: Setting up a mini music studio for kids at home (5/10/21)

Music provides a wonderful creative outlet for children and it is possible to set up a mini music studio at home without too much expense. With today’s affordable technology, you can buy a few basic items to start with and add to them over time.

Your kids are likely to spend hours in a mini recording studio and can have fun and learn about music at the same time. Just make sure that if you buy hardware, it’s compatible with what you already own.

Play music

A computer is like the “central hub” of the recording studio. You can use a computer you already own and then choose other equipment that will work on it. Any computer purchased within the last two years will likely be more than enough to record, mix, and share audio tracks.

Many musicians prefer to use Apple Mac computers. If you want to buy a more affordable Mac computer, the Mac Mini is a small desktop box that connects to an external monitor and it comes with GarageBand which is an easy-to-use basic recording application.

A simple USB mic and headphones might be enough if your kids want to record vocal tracks. If they want to do more than just record vocals, a digital piano is a great option. Sound Halo’s team of seasoned musicians offer in-depth discussions on musical instruments, and you can check out this guide to the best digital pianos under $500.

record music

A good microphone can have a big impact on the sound of a vocal or recorded instrument. It is best to choose a versatile one that can sound good when recording a wide range of frequencies. Since it will be used by your children, you should also ensure that it is sturdy. The microphones use three-pin XLR connections and the other end of the cable must be connected to the chosen interface. A mic stand is also required.

A guitar, electric keyboard, and other musical instruments will also need cables to connect to the interface. If you want to record vocals, you will need a pop filter. It’s cheap and can prevent plosives from ruining a vocal recording.

Using an audio interface

It is necessary to transform the sound signal into something that the computer can use. An audio interface is an external sound card with inputs for instruments and microphones. This is the equipment that transmits the recording to the computer.

Most people choose to use a USB audio interface to connect the microphone, speakers, and headphones to the computer. Digital audio interfaces usually include basic software suitable for beginners to create quality recordings.

Editing and mixing music

Your kids can have fun recording different instruments and then using an app to play back the recordings at the same time to create a sound like a whole band.

There are different apps available that they can download to have fun and be creative with the music they have recorded. When mixing and recording you don’t want the results to be colored by sounds and fiberglass panels can help make the room “neutral”.

hear the music

Having good studio headphones allows your kids to hear more balanced and accurate sounds when creating and editing music. Headphones that cover the ears sound much better than headphones and help prevent track sounds from leaking into the microphone. For a first pair of headphones, opt for closed headphones for monitoring recording and your children can still mix on them.