Brexit Britain is gaining momentum, according to music industry executives, following the historic trade deal with New Zealand.

BREXIT Britain is already dancing to the beat of economic prosperity, music industry executives have claimed in the aftermath of New Zealand’s landmark trade deal.

Six months after agreeing to our ambitious new trade deal with New Zealand, the UK music industry has hailed the pact for its ability to “promote UK music and artists while expanding exciting opportunities for our vibrant music sector”. One of the key implications of the deal is that it extends by twenty years the period in which UK music producers and performers can make money from specific rights they control. In addition, it builds on previous government support for the UK’s creative sectors, including the £330,000 Music Export Growth Scheme launched last year.

Warner Bros., Universal Music, Sony and the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) have all applauded the UK music industry’s extensive protections.

“The UK and New Zealand are connected through a common culture, and the music industry is a shining example of this,” said International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

“This new trade agreement cuts red tape, creates new digital markets and increases investment opportunities for the UK and New Zealand.

“This will be great news for the thousands of businesses, large and small, looking to grow and prosper by exporting internationally.”

Instrument makers are also promoting the arrangement, as guitar maker George Lowden, who collaborated with Ed Sheeran to produce a new line of acoustic guitars called “Sheeran with Lowden”, has seen tremendous export growth. New Zealanders.

Lowden’s business has grown significantly in the three years since the launch of the ‘Sheeran with Lowden’ collection, with increased exports globally and the creation of 40 new jobs in the UK.

George Lowden, President and Founder of Lowden Guitars says, “I have been delighted to see our recent growth in exports to New Zealand in partnership with our local retailer. I applaud the government’s efforts to support musicians and businesses like ours to bring world-class creativity and quality to the global stage.

“When I started making guitars almost fifty years ago, I had in mind the two hands of the player – that individual musician who took my guitar in his hands and, very often, depended on that guitar to win. his life. The guitar should be a reliable companion for them. The same principle is true in business, it’s about building relationships with a reliable partner.

“As a small business that has grown to work with musicians and other small businesses around the world, it is essential that we are reliable and can deliver the best. This government support strengthens our ability to do so. to do and paves the way for new export growth, with creative collaboration that benefits everyone.

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