Brit Awards 2022 – how it happened | Music


And that’s all of us

I can’t tell if it seemed to go incredibly fast or last a million years. It’s hard to resume normal mental function after live blogging and not making up comments on everything in sight. “This toothbrush has nothing on Jack Whitehall, etc etc.” (Obviously, tonight lasted a million years.)

Anyway, thanks for joining me and Elle for a very strange Brit. We have the strange predicament of a large class of winners coupled with a fairly boring event. Good performances from Little Simz and Dave for sure, but an obvious lack of excitement otherwise and a serious downturn in Whitehall-era hosting. Maybe one day they will succeed! Until then, we’ll wind down from all the subdued pop excitement with an episode of Cheers. Britain’s best single has nothing on Gary Portnoy. Good evening!




The winners



For the last set of the night

It’s Dave who plays In the Fire with the help of Fredo, Ghetts, Meekz, Giggs and a gospel choir. Unlike his Brits 2020 performance in which he attacked Prime Minister Boris Johnson as ‘a real racist’, this performance is all about pure sentiment, with Dave detailing the experience of being at risk of deportation, and how “everything but my mother’s salary is on the rise”. It’s perhaps its own form of limitation to expect political artists to keep making political statements, and so it’s a well-deserved moment of frontal emotional expression that culminates with Dave tearing up a solo on a guitar that shoots real flames from the neck.

Phew! It’s really hot in here, but maybe it’s just my laptop racing because of our relentless news service tonight.


It’s time to recap all the performances we’ve enjoyed over the past two hours, in case once wasn’t enough for you from Ed Sheeran X Bring Me The Horizon.


Dave set the stage on fire for a performance of In the Fire, complete with a gospel choir and all-star appearances from Fredo, Meekz, Ghetts and Giggs.


Every time Dave performs at the Brits I know everyone in Downing Street is on the edge of their seat…the power he wields #brits2022

February 8, 2022



Adele wins album of the year

Adele wins album of the year for 30: her third, having won in 2016 for 25 and in 2012 for 21. She thanks “her label and all”, but dedicates the victory to her son Angelo.

“I’m very proud that I persevered and released an album that was so personal to me, because not many people do stuff like that,” she says.

Nine-year-old Angelo had been so patient and “gracious” with her during the process, Adele said.

She also paid tribute to Producer of the Year (not awarded on the show), Inflo, as “someone who was absolutely integral” to the album.

“He really changed my life, not just with my music – he really helped me in so many ways.”


Idris Elba, from the movie Cats, is here to present the big: album of the year.

  • 30 by Adele
  • We’re All Alone Together by Dave
  • = by Ed Sheeran
  • Sometimes I might be introverted by Little Simz
  • Seventeen Going Under by Sam Fender



Not wanting to sound millions of years old and deeply uncool, but host Mo Gilligan focuses on drinking as the pinnacle of rock ‘n’ roll excess – until checking with Maya Jama what cocktails are served at the bar and grill 16-year-old A1 (from A1 and J1) on the number of shots he has made – is a little skinny.

Especially for the notoriously moderate Gen Z…



Ed Sheeran…again


If you find yourself staring at the clock during Ed Sheeran’s tearful string section – there’s only one prize left to win, Album of the Year.


Brian Cox retreated in a hurry, without going full force.

Ed Sheeran came on stage to accept Songwriter of the Year. He credits his record company and his wife Cherry for supporting his move to the country and for being “so supportive while we’re just doing songs and songs and songs”.

Cherry looks sweetly shy in the audience.


I know Brian Cox is a good actor but he just can’t make me believe that Logan Roy is an Ed Sheeran fan.