Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gimme LiVe Music Festival at Mira Place

True to its summer tradition, Mira Place celebrates the 10th anniversary of the annual Gimme LiVe music festival in August. Centered on the Color My Life theme, the festival supports the local music industry while sharing joy and positive vibes with all participants. Local soloists, bands and street musicians make an appearance at Mira Place across five musical genres: laid back pop rock, all that jazz, new voice, Cantopop and acoustic. Head to the atrium of Mira Place on Saturday afternoons from August 6 to catch the main shows of Gimme LiVe with stars such as Janice Vidal, Gigi Yim, Stephanie Cheng and Phil Lam – or relax at sound of relaxing acoustic music on the steps of Mira on Friday evenings from August 12 Gimme LiVe is also fusing music with the arts by collaborating with pop art artist Daiv and digital art group MataArtz to launch an exhibition aiming to transform the voices of Cantopop artists such as Shiga Lin, Gin Lee and many more into a collection of digital artworks. The unique pieces will be on display at the Mira Place Atrium, with some artwork being converted into music and art NFTs, which will be sold for charity in support of the Music Children Foundation.

Get your tickets for the shows here and learn more about Gimme LiVe Music Festival here.