Dil mera by Ahmadabad music artist Vismay Patel

Today’s message is Dil mera by Ahmadabad musical artist Vismay Patel. The song by Ahmedabad-based artist Vismay Patel, Dilmera…, was recently released by Koinage Records.

Dil mera by Ahmadabad music artist Vismay Patel

A 21-year-old singer, lyricist and composer, Vismay Patel has gone from performing in cafes to winning hearts with his soulful and relatable melodies. Now he’s ready to win hearts with his latest track, Dilmera,
about an incomplete relationship and heartbreak.

The official video of Dil mera is an animated performance, telling the story of a young couple who are no longer together and one of whom is dealing with the aftermath of the breakup. The song has a dark feeling to it and audiences will find it relatable, as every feeling and emotion expressed through the lyrics is raw and heartfelt.

Commenting on the track’s launch, Vismay Patel said, “I always make sure my songs are relatable and that the emotions and feelings that come after heartbreak are universal. Dilmera… is a moving piece that is close to my heart. I am extremely pleased to have launched Dilmera… with Koinage Records. I really enjoyed the process, from writing the lyrics to today when it came out, every part was a wonderful experience for me.

Vismay Patel is originally from Assam and is now settled in Gujarat. During his childhood, when the other children of his age were playing cricket or other outdoor games, he would listen to Kishore Kumar’s music and sing. “We had a full rack of tapes at my house. So, from childhood, music has been my companion. I always wondered what impact this could have on someone’s life. And so, since I was a child, I was sure that I wanted to do songs,” said Vismay Patel.

Vismay Patel started performing in cafes at the age of 17 and later his passion for music led him to compose and sing 5 heart-pounding tracks like Pal behta jaaye… and Well do… He also established 808 Music Studio, the first recording studio in Nadiad, Gujarat. So far he has released 6 singles, including Dil mera…Each of his tracks have been loved by audiences for their relativity to real life. If you are someone who loves indie pop, then you should check out the works of Vismay Patel.