DreBanks – A rising, freelance musical artist from Michigan who is gaining a strong fanbase

The musical artist enjoys composing and producing music for his fans around the world.

DreBanks, a freelance musical artist and songwriter from Michigan, is making his way into the music world with impregnable artistic skills and determination. The upcoming rising artist has a distribution partnership deal with XMG by Sparta and believes in building a career for himself from the ground up. As a result, DreBanks prioritizes creative freedom over all other considerations in her career; therefore, he sticks to his goal of being independent and 100% owning his music. His tireless efforts and persistent nature made him stand out from the crowd and compose unique and different from other artists.

Since DreBanks’ independence is key to his success, he started everything from the bottom up while investing in himself to develop the music in his recording studio while building his music company. Additionally, DreBanks has invested considerable amounts in the company’s digital marketing to promote it and reach more people. Effective marketing has helped it to strengthen its presence in the market and gain more recognition. Despite a large investment, DreBanks easily recovered its money in less than a year thanks to its determination and consistency.

“I basically built my career as an independent artist from the bottom up, investing in myself to develop music in my own recording studio, creating my own independent music company, named DreBanks world and entering into a distribution partnership with XMG/300. Sparta, invested in my own digital marketing to strengthen my market presence. I am an upcoming independent music artist from Michigan who currently has a distribution partnership with XMG, distributed by Sparta, a division of 300 Entertainment. Working with me on the competition would most likely generate a HIT Record that would be timeless and lead to tours all over the world!confides the talented DreBanks.

DreBanks specializes in songwriting and has a skill in composing unique music with amazing lyrics. He is passionate and loves creating vocals on the record list, which makes him a formidable competitor. DreBanks is an inspiration to people trying to build their career from scratch and striving to be independent and take ownership of their career. A combination of his financial freedom and his growing self-confidence led him to gain a high reputation among several music producers and his fans.

His fans adore him for releasing unique and exciting songs and consider him their inspiration. The self-reliant nature of DreBanks has left people in awe and encouraged many of them to achieve their goals.

He keeps his fans informed with his Instagram account; you can visit his account at https://www.instagram.com/iamdrebanks/

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