Elk Mound man sells over 100 autographed guitars for $3.5 million | Music

CADOTT (WQOW) – A man from Elk Mound sells his obsession.

As bands and fans go wild at Rock Fest, an Elk Mound man shows off his ropes. With 104 guitars signed by over 300 bands, Jim Johnson, better known as Guitar Man, is selling his collection of guitars at a premium.

“$3.5 million, I’ll take it. And it comes with a trailer,” Johnson said. “You won’t find anything like it in the world.”

His obsession started in the year 2000.

“One of my friends in the band said to me, ‘Why don’t you get a little guitar for Sammy Hagar?’ And I took it and after that it was guitar, after guitar, after guitar, and pretty soon I’ll be playing shows everywhere,” Johnson said.

Many well-known names adorn the walls of his trailer at his family’s campsite.

“Five Finger Death Punch, Kid Rock, Poison, Bobaflex,” Johnson said.

There is also Pat Benatar, Molly Hatchett, Alter Ego and many others.

“It’s a certain kind of feeling when you meet a rock star,” Johnson said. “They have a certain vibe. When I’ve been up there and meet these people, it gives me chills. It gives me chills.”

Johnson said the hardest guitar to part with would be one signed by Queensryche.

“It’s a pendulum and it comes in a velvet case that’s shaped like this. And the pendulum is actually Queensryche’s emblem and then I did a little tattoo to match it. It’s my favorite right there.”

But although he handles such precious cargo, he actually can’t carry a melody.

“I can’t even pluck a note. I don’t play guitar.”

If Johnson is able to sell his guitars, he hopes to use the money to fund his retirement.

“After 40 years of building, I’ve had enough. I’d rather sit and fish and sit by the campfire. Relax for the rest of my life. Life is short.”

He and his wife Carmen have also participated in Rock Fest since its inception in 1994.

If you want to buy Johnson’s guitar collection or just see it for yourself, he’ll have it on display again Saturday at his Rock Fest campsite in Cadott. You can also send him a message on facebook.

He said the $3.5 million sale was all or nothing.

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