Emerging Perth pop music artist O’Neill Fernandes releases Blissful album ‘Down Under’

Perth pop music artist O’Neill Fernandes has delivered wonderful cover music in his latest album ‘Down Under’ for fans and followers everywhere.

The music of O’Neill Fernandes is rapidly gaining popularity and thousands of views have been achieved on all the musical productions he has published on his YouTube channel. Additionally, in his latest project on Australian music and artist, he has released a music album ‘Downstairs‘. Additionally, the tracks “State of the Heart” and “If It’s Not For You” could introduce you to the musical caliber of this artist. Moreover, the songs that are covered only by guitar progression and rhythmic drum patterns show the artist’s enormous passion and dedication to music.

O’Neill Fernandes

What’s more, O’Neill Fernandes has other music covers on the Soundcloud music streaming channel and on his YouTube channel. The singer’s musical productions on old Australian singers and artists due to his passion for music and from a young age until his late 40’s he loved listening to old Australian bands and artists. Here he chose the songs that are connected to the heart of the musician. The song “State of the Heart” is composed by Australian rock band Mondo Rock. Due to his devotion to Australian bands and artists, he covered this song wonderfully on guitar. On the other hand, the song “If It’s Not For You” is composed by Australian artist Oliva Newton. Therefore, this new Perth pop music artist covered this song so well that you can’t feel it deviates from the original.

From the album ‘Downstairs‘, listeners to listen to more of her music like ‘Down Under’, ‘Cheap Thrills’, ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’, ‘Driving Wheels’, ‘Lady What’s Your Name’, ‘Cassandra’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Desperately devoted to you”. In all these musical productions, he introduced his guitar progressions and drum pattern well to make the sound wonderful. To learn more about this artist and his upcoming projects, do not hesitate to follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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