Eric Clapton’s studio albums for Reprise Records are among the best-loved of the guitarist’s career and are released in a new series of limited-edition, vinyl-only box sets.

The first payment, The Complete Reprise Studio Albums – Volume I, is available today. The 180-gram, 12-LP set includes Clapton’s first six studio albums for Reprise (Money and cigarettes, Behind the sun, August, Companion, From the cradleand Pilgrim) as well as an additional LP of period rarities. Order now.

The second installment, coming in January, includes 10 LPs that span the five albums Clapton recorded for Reprise between 2001 and 2010, plus a collection-exclusive LP that includes rarities from the same era.

THE COMPLETE COVER STUDIO ALBUMS – VOLUME II will be available on January 13, 2023 with preorders available now. The set contains newly remastered versions of five studio albums pressed on 180 gram vinyl: Reptile (2001), Me and Mr. Johnson (2004), Sessions for Robert J (2004), Back home (2005), and Clapton (2010). All albums will be released as double-LPs except Sessions for Robert Jwhich makes its vinyl debut in the collection as a single LP.

Rarities (2001-2010), the latest LP in the collection, brings together eight hard-to-find recordings from this prolific era of Clapton’s recording career. Highlights include the B-side “Johnny Guitar” and the Japanese-only bonus track, “Losing Hand”. “Midnight Hour Blues”, another rarity, was released in 2010 as a bonus track for Clapton. A new remixed version of this song is available today on YouTube. Click on HERE to listen to now.

Longtime Clapton co-producer and engineer Simon Climie oversaw the final remasters included in this collection. All music was mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering and the LP lacquers were cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

VOLUME II covers a nine-year period beginning in 2001 with ReptileClapton’s 14e solo studio album. It peaked at number five on the US Albums Chart and has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. Two singles from the album – “Superman Inside” and “Reptile” – were nominated for the Grammy® Awards, with the latter winning Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

Clapton returned in 2004 with Me and Mr. Johnson, an album of covers originally written and recorded by Delta-bluesman Robert Johnson, a pioneering artist who profoundly influenced Clapton. Filled with passionate performances, the record sold over two million copies worldwide and was nominated for a Grammy® Award. The album is presented as a double LP in the new collection and features an engraving of the album cover on the final side.

Also in 2004, Clapton released Session for Robert Ja companion of Me and Mr. Johnson. The album captures the acoustic and electric performances of Clapton and his band in Dallas and England as they rehearsed and recorded songs for Me and Mr. Johnson. The album, which makes its vinyl debut in this collection, includes fantastic versions of “Terraplane Blues” and “Sweet Home Chicago.”

Clapton’s good streak continued in 2005 with Back home, sound 17e workshop scrapbook. Certified gold in the United States, the record featured guest performances from Vince Gill, John Mayer, Robert Randolph, Billy Preston and Steve Winwood. On the album, Clapton paid tribute to his close friend George Harrison with a cover of Harrison’s 1979 song “Love Comes To Everyone”. Back home won the 2006 Grammy® Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

Clapton is the last studio album of VOLUME II. It debuted in 2010 and peaked on the album charts at No. 6 in the US and No. 7 in the UK. Once again, Clapton was joined in the studio by a group of prominent guest musicians which includes Derek Trucks, Wynton Marsalis, Allen Toussaint. and JJ Cale. On the album, Clapton mixed Tin Pan Alley standards and New Orleans jazz with new songs like “Run Back To Your Side,” which was nominated for a Grammy® Award in 2011.


Track list
Reptiles (2001)
I have you in my head”
To pack light “
Believe in life”
Come back, darling”
To find me”
I won’t stand it”
I want a little girl”
second nature”
Don’t let me be alone tonight”
modern girl”
Superman inside”
Son and Sylvie”

Me and Mr. Johnson (2004)

When you have a good friend”
little queen of spades”
They’re red hot”
Me and the Devil Blues”
Traveling Riverside Blues”
The last fair deal has fallen”
Stop Breaking the Blues »
Milkcow’s Calf Blues »
Good-Hearted Woman’s Blues »
Come in my kitchen”
If I had owned the day of judgment”
love in vain”
32-20 Blues »
Hell Hound on my trail”

Sessions for Robert J (2004)

Sweet Home Chicago”
Milkcow’s Calf Blues »
Terraplane Blues”
If I had owned the day of judgment”
Stop Breaking the Blues »
little queen of spades”
Traveling Riverside Blues”
Me and the Devil Blues”
From four till late”
Good-Hearted Woman’s Blues »
Ramblin’ on my mind”

Homecoming (2005)

So tired”
Say what you want”
I’m going left”
Love loves no one”
Love comes to everyone”
Piece of my heart”
One day”
A track spirit »
Run at my place »
Back home”

Clapton (2010)

Travel alone”
Rocking chair”
The river is deep”
Judgment Day”
How deep is the ocean”
My Very Good Friend The Milkman”
I can’t hold out much longer”
That’s no way to get along”
Everything will be alright”

“Diamonds Made From Rain”

When someone thinks you’re wonderful”
Hard Times Blues »
Return to your side”
Autumn leaves”

Rarities Vol. II 2001-2010 (2023)

Johnny Guitar”
Midnight Blues”
You better watch yourself”
Traveling Riverside Blues”
little queen of spades”
Walk with me”
lose control”
I was fooled”

New remixed version of rare bonus track “Midnight Hour Blues” released today


Background photo by Keith Smart