Ernie Ball Musician Tosin Abasi Kaizen | NAM 2022

Designed for the modern gamer and influenced by Tosin Abasithe unique aesthetics and playstyle of Kaizen is an all-new, visionary collaboration between the award-winning Ernie Ball Music Man design team and the virtuoso guitarist and builder. The Kaizen will be offered with an alder body, a roasted maple neck and an ebony fingerboard. Watch the Official Kaizen Guitar Movie with Tosin Abasi here.

Multi-scale – 24.75″ to 25.5″ e to E multi-scale design provides positive string tension for thick, thick rhythms on the low strings, with traditional feel on the treble strings for bends and solos slowly.

Infinite Radius Neck – Strategically positioned tapered radius increases comfort while maintaining better visibility of fingerboard and fret markers.

Steinberger Gearless Locking Tuners – Precise, lightweight tuners that provide smooth rotation and allow for straight string pull.

New Music Man Pickups – A custom HT (heat treated) humbucker in the bridge position and a slanted mini-humbucker in the neck position have been specially designed for Kaizen.

Multi-scale tremolo – Super-smooth modern Music Man tremolo with spring-loaded dampers to dampen unwanted harmonics and ringing.

“Resolutely streamlined” – Ultra-lightweight design, deliberately sculpted body for extreme comfort, well balanced with unrestricted fret access.