Famous Perth pop music artist O’Neill Fernandes has released an amazing album ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.4’

Extremely talented pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes has presented his latest album of ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.4’, which is sure to have you grooving.

Pop music is accompanied by all the positive vibes that a music enthusiast always dreams of. Such a musical artist O’Neill Fernandes released their brand new album “Let’s Dance… Vol.4”, entirely composed and recorded by the artist himself. The brand new album consists of twenty titles where the artist has made an excellent composition of covers of all genres and across generations. The artist interpreted the title of “Mixture of Gypsy Kings”which comes from the Latin Rock genre, and he beautifully composed the title of “Shang A Lang”. Both tracks are available for listeners to enjoy in the album of ‘Vol.4’

O’Neill Fernandes

Originally from Australia, O’Neill Fernandes has been associated with music for a very long time. The artist is self-taught and learned to play all musical instruments by himself. The artist is also a big fan of the groups Queen and Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). The artist’s journey is long and still inspiring as he transformed from a Hi-Fi enthusiast to a mobile DJ to a guitarist and producer. This Perth pop music artist always strives to bring its audience together and aims to provide them with music that will make them dance to their tunes.

Amazingly Composed Album “Let’s Dance… Vol.4” with the pieces of ‘Gipsy Kings Medley’ and “Shang A Lang” gives the album its true, deserved identity. The album goes on to describe the talent that the artist possesses. The artist has come up with different kinds of tracks with his own genre, which can engage listeners and all music lovers around the world. All tracks from his new album are available on Soundcloud. He also started showing his talent on different sites like – Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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