Ferndale Music Studio designed for people with special needs

FERNDALE, Mich. – Music can affect a lot of people, but for artists recording in a studio in Ferndale, it’s therapeutic in a very special way.

A Metro Detroit rapper named Tony was in the studio listening to his latest recording called “The Wheelchair Anthem”. It’s a song he recorded at the D-MAN music studio.

“I am a quadriplegic,” said artist Anna Pannell. “I had an accident when I was 1 year old.”

Pannell is a local DJ who goes by the name of DJ Milaika. For her and other artists who produce music in the studio, it’s therapeutic.

“It helps me deal with my injury,” Pannell said. “It makes me feel like I’m in a different world.”

Everything in the recording studio is customized to make it accessible to people with disabilities.

“In terms of its physical layout, extra wide hallways, extra wide doorways, lots of things on wheels,” said D-MAN founder Ziad Kassab. “Everything here is adjustable depending on the type or level or height of the chair. The desk can move up and down for customers to use.”

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Even technology allows artists to control computer mice and other devices with their mouths to create new music. A music therapist and a sound engineer are also available to help you.

“We have some really amazing talent here,” Kassab said.

Kassab founded D-MAN with his brothers in 2013. It stands for Danny’s Miracle Angel Network. Kassab lost his brother in 2009. Danny had been confined to a wheelchair after a car accident at a young age. He loved music, so his brothers wanted to help others in similar situations.

“Knowing him, he probably said, ‘Never give up. Keep going,'” Kassab said.

D-MAN plans to release “The Wheelchair Anthem” for download and streaming later this year.

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