Fights break out at Kozhikode music concert, over 70 injured

Kozhikode: Clashes erupted during a music concert on Kozhikode beach on Sunday evening. More than 70 people were injured in the skirmish. The clash erupted during the music concert organized by JDT Islam College’s Pain and Palliative Care unit for fundraising. Among the injured are police officers, students and residents. They were admitted to Govt Beach Hospital, Govt Medical College and other private hospitals in the city.

As part of the palliative fundraising, ‘555 The Rain Fest’ has been held here for the past three days. A huge rush was seen on Kozhikode beach on Sunday evening for the music concert, for which tickets were sold online. Tickets were also sold on the spot before the start of a renowned musical group. Kozhikode Beach is usually crowded during holidays.

The program was to take place on a temporary stage installed on a corner of the beach. However, the place could not occupy such a large number of people. Those who bought tickets rushed inside, which was blocked by police and volunteers. The crowd tried to shove the cops and started a fight on the beach. Violent men were found throwing rocks and sand at the officers, which provoked them. When the police charged the crowd with lathis, people scattered and fled.

The crowd rushed inside the hall pushing the barricades and many people fell into the skirmish. Police say a few people collapsed after experiencing difficulty breathing. Meanwhile, the crowd also did not spare the student volunteers.

Later, several senior officials including City Police Chief A Akbar, Deputy Commissioner of Police A Sreenivasan, Deputy Commissioner of City Control Room MC Kunjumoyin Kutty, Deputy Commissioner of Medical College K Sudarsan and Deputy Commissioner of the City’s Special Branch A Umesh rushed to the scene to provide an update. the situation.

The palliative care unit had organized the fundraising program for the purchase of a caravan. Police officers Jigin Ganesh, EV Athul, Subhash, Jitesh and K Babeesh were also injured in the attack.