Free Music Software for Windows PC

Looking for music software? Did you try Ashampoo Music Studio? It is a simple yet feature rich utility where you can record, edit and burn your audio files. It also lets you convert audio files and rip audio CDs. Let’s learn more about its features

Ashampoo Music Studio Review

The free music software, Ashampoo Music Studio, lets you do the following:

  1. Edit cover
  2. To organise
  3. Video-2-Music
  4. Playlist generator
  5. Tear and burn
  6. To modify
  7. Record
  8. Mixtape.

1]Edit cover

You can select and design a suitable cover for your CD. Click on Edit cover and select the coverage as appropriate, Slim case, Jewelry box Where Disk. The program allows you to adjust the size of the cover according to the diameter of the CD, and also to select the paper size. In the following steps, you can give your cover a title, add text, image or select the design from the given templates according to the genre of your music files. Click Next and print.

2]Organize your audio files

It is a complete program for all your music and audio files. You can easily rename and convert the songs in your music collection and keep track of them much easier.

Just click on the Organize tab and select the audio files and click Next. You can select a single audio file or the entire folder. Now you place these files in a different targeted folder or you can categorize them based on metadata like album name, artist or year. Click Next and you’re done. The files are now organized. You can further decide if you want to display your files with tracking number or by artist name.


Here you can extract music from video file. Add any video file, follow the steps and you can extract the music from it. You can extract the entire audio or select a particular segment.

4]Playlist Generator

We normally want a different playlist for our different moods. There are times when we want to listen to a particular genre or a particular artist only; this is where playlists come in. With Ashampoo Music Studio 2019 you can create different playlists very quickly.

5]Tear and Burn

Do you want a CD of your audio files or a CD to Rip your audio files? It will help you. Click on Rip & Burn and select the option accordingly. Select the audio files you want to transfer to CD->select the target drive and continue or if you want to rip the audio files from CD, insert the CD into the drive and create the audio files.


Here you can edit, split, analyze or convert your audio files with just a few clicks. You can also add tags or normalize your audio file by adjusting sample rate and bit rate.


Here you can record your audio files, but you will need a recording device to do so.

8]Mix tape

With just a few clicks, you can shuffle your favorite songs and create your party playlist, whether it’s a festival, wedding or party. Adding fades and transitions will help you create the perfect party playlist.

The software supports almost all popular formats like M3U, PLS, WPL, XSPF, etc. and therefore the playlists created by this program are compatible with all devices. You can select the file format according to your own music player.

Globally, Ashampoo Music Studio is a very useful program for music lovers. It comes with a set of features including editing, burning, converting and more. It is a very simple application and does not require any special technical knowledge. You can download it here.

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