Friendable’s 360 musical artist line-up is growing in

The company’s ongoing actions have built a strong brand reputation, and alongside its enhanced features, these in-app offerings have resulted in increased interest and activity from new artists, all requiring continued attention to monetize and Convert FeaturedX to other 360 service offerings.

CAMPBELL, CA, July 13 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire – Friendable, Inc. (OTC: FDBL) (the “Company”), a mobile technology and marketing company, is pleased to announce its six-month track record following its acquisition of brands/offers Artist Republik and FeaturedX.

In taking control of these two additional brands/offerings, management has focused on both, starting with Artist Republik, and has now just completed a Phase II upgrade of FeaturedX, which the company says has was the primary contributing factor to the increase in revenue and ultimately surpassing the $168,000 mark from acquisition to date.

Key to the future success of the FeaturedX brand was the need to redesign the communication tools between artists and the Company, as well as between the “featured artist” and the artist interested in purchasing their services. The site focuses on musical artists looking for other musical artists to feature in a song or video, as well as graphic designers the company has selected to provide a logo, merchandise, and other promotional items.

The FeaturedX offering has shown significant traction in building a revenue ramp that adds to the existing base and now needs to be met with technology upgrades and additional features that close the buying loop between artists and their commissioned counterparts. Previously, artists had to approve orders before payment, leading to lower revenue collection, which the company has since corrected by requiring upfront payment.

Overview of “FeaturedX” traction and activity measurements:

Total number of users = Up to 100% or 21,839 users in the last 134 days (source: monster info)

User sessions = Up to 100% or 32,712 sessions in the previous 134 days (source: monster info)

Seen pages = Up to 100% or 146,883 page views in the last 134 days (source: monster info)

Total income = $168,949.56 (Annual to date: January 1, 2022 – July 12, 2022)

“Our mission has been to provide a complete 360° offering for all independent music artists and our team is confident that we have exactly that and more from music distribution, songwriting and video collaboration. , design services, promotional materials, product designs/collections. , and e-commerce storefronts. It’s all here in one place and let’s not forget the “Live” with Fan Pass Live, which brings the programming of live virtual events, ticket sales, tips, behind the scenes action/content, merch promotion/sales and fan interaction with revenue sharing for artists overall, c is what we call a 360° offer,” said Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Friendable, Inc.

“That said, it’s about finding the right deal that gets every artist through the door, which is happening with Artist Republik and FeaturedX, providing the company with a roadmap of services that connects with every artist at a moment of his journey with us.. FeaturedX has evolved into a lead generation tool to promote and offer additional services, as well as create a revenue ramp that adds to the existing base. formula and it all depends on when these additional services are offered and it’s usually based on the product/service previously purchased and the needs of each individual artist at that time I couldn’t be more proud and grateful to have a such a dedicated and caring team. I think we’re on the right track and it’s all about staying the course, generating revenue, maintaining debt capital or minimizing it, and increasing our worth risation now that our past restructuring debt is behind us. We will continue to raise capital under the terms of our Qualified Regulated A Share Offering, as well as continue to test, revamp offerings and adapt technology to accommodate our scale, this is happening and our team has full confidence as we proceed with our next phases,” concluded Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO, Friendable, Inc.

To support Fan Pass and our artists:

Download the Fan Pass app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The public can visit the website at or download the mobile app from the Apple app or Google Play stores. Fan Pass offers a seven-day free trial, which provides an all-access VIP pass. After seven days, this free trial converts into a paid subscription of $2.99 ​​per month, from which artists also receive up to 40% revenue share on a recurring monthly basis.

About Friendable Inc.

Friendable Inc. is a mobile technology and marketing company focused on developing and identifying branded products, services and opportunities with mass market potential and scalability.

Friendable released its first mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in 2014 under the social networking and dating category. The Friendable app has reached over 1.5 million downloads, ranked in the top 10 worldwide, and led to celebrity-related marketing opportunities and various relationships with well-known musical artists as well as promising independent artists.

Friendable has since reoriented its commercial activity towards its offer of musical artists, a one-of-a-kind 360 artist platform. Offering now includes Music Production/Collaboration, Music Distribution (Spotify, SoundCloud, Play Listing, Livestream/Live Events, Promotions, Ticket Sales, Backstage, Merchandise Designs/Store/Delivery, tips, fan interaction, subscription offers and more, The company’s goal is to become the new launch point for independent artists, as well as artists at all levels, as ‘they build engagement, revenue, and fans/subscribers.

Fan Pass, its live artist platform. Launched on July 24, 2020, the Fan Pass live-streaming platform proved invaluable to artists and fans as performances moved from stage to screen, with its acquisition of Artist Republik and FeaturedX in January 2022 .

Friendable was founded by brothers Robert A. Rositano Jr. and Dean Rositano, who have over 27 years of experience working together on technology-related projects.

For more information, visit and

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