Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Affordable Home Music Studio – Manila Bulletin

“Ever since we were kids, we’ve enjoyed Ikea’s approach of making things affordable and available to a lot of people. We used to find a creative way to make Ikea furniture for ourselves. adapt to our teenage lives as creatives, so the purpose of the collaboration formed around our own personal journey in life,” says Swedish House Mafia.

Featured Image of Swedish Ikea House Mafia

The collaboration is finally coming to fruition, with over 20 products released this month under the Obegränsad collection which means unlimited in Swedish. And it’s not just for those who dream of producing music like the Electronic Music Band, anyone who loves music will appreciate the pieces in this collection.

The pieces were crafted with the band’s perspective on what those who wish to take the path of musical creation need. Furniture, even accents, are part of this collection to provide a productive, inspiring, and relaxing environment for creatives at home.

All in classic black, the minimalist collection is sleek and comes in matte finishes. Laptop and tablet stands, table, bookshelves, chair, rug, throw, fuzzy slippers, desk with speaker stands and pull-out shelf, and floor lamps are just a few of the items worth checking out. The most talked about digital wall clock that comes with ambient light. The most affordable items are the bags which come in four styles.

“We wanted to simplify the process for people to create music. Hopefully our collection inspires and empowers more people to be more creative at home, and it doesn’t have to be limited to just creating music. It can be so much more,” concludes the Swedish House Mafia.