HitPiece Officially Launches NFT Platform for Music Artists and Announces First-of-its-Kind Partnership with Audible Magic to Ensure Authentic Experiences

The NFT music market is growing in popularity and securing deals with a number of top artists including ATL Jacob, Lil Gotit, Lil Gnar, Matt Ox

PROVO, Utah, August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HitPiece, the easiest place to create and buy NFTs from authentic music artists, has officially launched its platform in beta. Additionally, the company – to protect creators and other rights holders and demonstrate their commitment to authenticity – announced a one-of-a-kind partnership with Audible magicthe leader in music rights identification enabling the use of music by social media platforms, NFT marketplaces, metaverses and gaming apps.

The new integration with Audible Magic marks the first NFT and Web 3.0 music partnership incorporating automated identification services to determine ownership and related rights. Audible magic RightsRx™ The service compares uploaded audio to its authoritative content registry of more than 25 million media assets from creators, music labels and publishers. HitPiece will use Audible Magic’s identification technology to help verify ownership of new music before an NFT is struck; thereby ensuring that only legitimate content is distributed. Audible Magic identifies content so creators can focus on maximizing new Web 3.0 revenue and engagement opportunities rather than losing revenue to fraudulent sellers.

“We are thrilled to join the rapidly growing innovative NFT, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 marketplace with HitPiece to continue our commitment to protecting creators’ rights,” said Vance Ikezoye, President and CEO of Audible Magic. “With our vast music registry, music creators and related rights holders on and off HitPiece can be confident that the content they own is protected or monetized where permission has been granted.”

“After many positive conversations with artists, we’re excited to launch the official HitPiece platform to give creators a new way to engage with fans and build metaverse communities,” said Rory Felton, CEO and co-founder of HitPiece and music industry veteran. “As someone who’s seen every corner of the industry, too often creators don’t control how and when they can post content. NFTs for music artists will continue to grow, and we’re grateful for partners like Audible Magic who help us make sure we have safeguards to provide an easy and secure one-stop-shop for those in the music community joining the expanding world of Web3.”

Felton co-founded The Militia Group in 2000, a record company in which Sony invested and later acquired major assets. In 2021, he co-founded HitPiece to create an NFT marketplace that allowed music creators to easily create digital assets and build the future of Web3 communities. Designed for crypto newbies, music artists/owners, and music fans, the platform simplifies the collection and presentation of NFTs, while providing a channel for artists to take advantage of exclusive engagement opportunities. with their fans. Once artists have signed up and been verified, they have access to their own portal and page where they can upload creative content and control the typing, posting and usefulness of their NFTs. Fans can purchase NFTs from their favorite music creators to access exclusive experiences and content, including music, as well as show off their fandom in their own ultimate metaverse music room.

Since the beta phase ended, HitPiece has collaborated and finalized deals with dozens of creators, including ATL Jacob, who recently topped Billboard’s Top 100 Producers and Songwriters charts. In addition to providing artists with their own page, the HitPiece team also guides creators and their teams through the creative ideation process, collaborating with them on launch timing, marketing strategies, and community building initiatives. on channels such as Discord.

“In music, Web3 has significant potential to be a catalyst for increasing the artistic integrity, control and engagement of any musician, regardless of scope,” said ATL Jacob. “I’m grateful to partner with organizations like HitPiece who understand business first-hand and prioritize hard-working creators, and I hope the rest of the industry will continue to follow suit.”

Creators can sign up with HitPiece now to start minting and selling their NFT collections. Fans can connect to the marketplace with their private metamask wallet for digital content from their favorite artists and exclusive experiences on www.hitpiece.com. Additional wallet integrations will be announced in the future.

About HitPiece

HitPiece is a Web3 software that allows rights holders to sell and mint NFTs. Created by a team of music and blockchain experts, HitPiece is an intermediary between the communities of NFT collectors and artists. All NFTs for sale on HitPiece are authentic and official straight from the creators, opening up a new way for artists to engage with their fans and build a layer of community ownership. For more information or to start using your cryptocurrency wallet to purchase exclusive experiences, access, content and more, visit https://www.hitpiece.com.

About Audible Magic

For more than 20 years, Audible Magic has provided innovative solutions to identify content, provide fulfillment solutions, manage rights and monetize media. Audible Magic’s Emmy-winning Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology powers billions of monthly transactions. The Silicon Valley pioneer is the trusted intermediary between major platforms and rights holders (including labels, studios, distributors, publishers and collectives). For more information, visit https://www.audiblemagic.com/.


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