Indie Music Artist Rareri Releases Debut EP “We’re All Rareri”

We Are All Rareri is based on the idea of ​​connection. A community of like-minded individuals who find purpose in a world (Rareri World) of endless possibilities.

NEW YORK, USA, June 14, 2022 / — Rareri is well versed in the genres of hip hop, pop and alternative music. The talented musician, artist, creator and indie producer has released his debut EP titled “We’re All Rareri”.

The talented new artist wants to take the music industry by storm with his creative vision and community known as Rareri World. He wants to be seen not just as another rap singer, artist and producer, but as a true Renaissance who wants to usher in change.

Everything from his fashion to doing his own production and visuals makes Rareri’s journey truly unique. His lyrics have deep meaning and the visuals are as limitless as the music. There is a constant mix of philosophical, energetic and emotionally intense music in his works.

“I always felt that I was born to make a mark in this world with my creativity. And that will be done.” said Rareri. “The truth is that we are all Rareri and we live in a Rareri. Look for Rareri at the top of the charts and as a living legend around the world,” he added.

His musical inspirations include Michael Jackson, Prince, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, who is now known as Ye.

As part of the We’re All Rareri EP, Rareri released “Before I Die” as a single, Legendary, Rareri World Interlude, Lotto, Glow & Stay High Stay Fly.
Clearly, the talented artist is poised to top the charts and one of the biggest in the world.

This is just the beginning for the revolutionary artist who wants a welcoming world for all. “We are all Rareri”, sets the tone of this journey and the passage to a Rareri World.

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