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The Rwandan music scene would be ahead of its game were it not for the low production standards that have been blamed for years for seeing some local songs rarely featured on big name international TV channels and other platforms.

To avoid the vice, a number of local artists have traveled outside the country to have their musical projects recorded at larger production studios.

However, Alex Muyoboke sees no reason to worry since Ishusho Studio opened in Kigali earlier this month.

The multi-faceted studio operates in a two-story building near Ste Famille Catholic Church, with a setup that combines a high-level recording studio, video production room and photography department.

Muyoboke (R) was named general manager of Ishusho Lts earlier this month. / Courtesy

The resort also has a liquor store and coffee shop area on the ground floor where service seekers can be served.

Muyoboke was appointed chief executive of the studio earlier this month based on his experience in the music business in Rwanda and beyond.

From audio recording to video production, Muyoboke said the studio is set up with a production package that every artist wants for the success of their musical projects.

“The studio has all the equipment needed to make high quality music and videos so they don’t have to go out of the country to find a similar service. Bringing the studio within their reach will help artists reduce the costs of their music production,” he said. The new times.

“All we want to care about is the quality which we think would help take our music to the next level,” he added.

Ishusho studio is owned by Martin Karangwa, a businessman who is unfamiliar to many in the music industry. He may be new to the music world, but his love for music drove him to create an Ishusho-caliber studio to bring production solutions to the local music industry.

Muyoboke and his boss Martin Karangwa visit Ishusho’s recording studio

“Some artists go out to record some of their musical projects outside the country, while big companies also go to countries like South Africa to record and produce their commercials there. But I don’t think that they need to release their projects longer since our studio is ready to provide the same service,” he said.

With quality production standards, Ishusho is already positioned among the best studios in East Africa where, according to Muyoboke, every African musician can proudly go to record their music.

“Some artists’ musical projects are handled by producers from their home studio and therefore feel nervous about going to such a studio in case an international musician agrees to record a collaboration with them. But I think Ishusho would be the right place to take an artist and record a song with pride because it has everything an international artist could need,” he said.

The studio has, for example, a recording studio with luxurious recording equipment including a high-level mixer and keyboard, which are rarely used in Rwandan studios.

The recording studio has a recording room that can also accommodate choirs for live performances.

It also has a video production space where people can do interviews and documentaries.

Bora Shingiro, one of Rwanda’s renowned video makers, has been hired to manage video production services at Ishusho Ltd.

Apart from the video director, Muyoboke revealed that the company is also looking to hire one or two Rwandan music producers to work in the recording studio to ensure that the studio offers only the best in the world of music and to production customers in general.

According to Muyoboke, the studio is more focused on music production as people can use its services to do video documentaries, photoshoots and interviews.

With the current set, Muyoboke said Rwandan artists will no longer need to travel outside the country to seek higher quality cameras to use in the video production of songs.

A recent musical project handled by Ishusho Studio was Mico The Best’s latest song ‘Amabiya’ whose video was shot and produced by the directors of the studio.

Besides business, he said the studio is there to help local artists produce music that can compete internationally.

“Rwanda has many talented young boys and girls, who can compete with other African singers if given the chance. I’m sure our studio can play a direct or indirect role in pushing their music onto the global music scene.

In May, Muyoboke visited Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Studio in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to get an insight into how a Wasafi-caliber studio is run for him to ensure successful management at Ishusho.

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