AUTI is currently in the studio to record their first EP. Her style is alternative pop with an engaging sound influenced by her fandom for artists like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grandeand April Lavigne. Look for his first single release in early May.

His signing with Pivotal Moments follows the organization’s recently announced deal with the multi-platinum country music recording artist. Ty Herndon. Herndon has announced that he will host a new ten-episode SOUNDBOARD podcast on the PMM platform channel Resiliencefeaturing conversations with renowned artists discussing their victories and struggles on their mental health journeys.

“I’ve been in music for a long time now. I’ve experienced the ups and downs associated with mental wellness and standing up for something bigger than music. Seeing AUTI at such a young age align his music with his passion for mental health is a model of courage that I am proud to support as an ambassador for Pivotal Moments,” said Herndon.

Pivotal Moments Media is a new global entertainment and education brand, whose mission is to empower mental fitness worldwide by creating, distributing and promoting entertainment and education programs that inspire and motivate people to become mentally fit, overcome adversity and lead a fulfilling life.

About AUTI
Grow in the Charleston, West Virginia region, Auti looked at life from a different perspective after being bullied at school and experiencing the loss of a close friend to suicide, which led to his own mental health issues. At 14, Auti went viral in a video singing “Shallow” (originally performed by Lady GaGa and bradley cooper) with her father, amassing over 400 million views across various outlets, and has hosted live performances on social media for her audience of over 350,000 incredible fans. Auti taught herself several instruments in order to deliver the compassionate, imaginative and thoughtful lyrics she has been writing for years. She has since worked with At Dolly Parton’s producer Well of Kent and recorded a duet with artist MattyB, which racked up an additional 3 million views. She has opened for multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated artists, Ty Herndon, Brady seals, Jamie Floyd and others. In 2021, Auti won “Artist of the Year” at the Josie Awards, which is the largest independent artist awards show in the world. Look for new music to be released in 2022.

About Pivotal Moments Media:
Pivotal Moments Media recognizes that many people do not receive the information and education early enough to identify and manage mental health issues. Recent health reports indicate that we are experiencing an unprecedented mental health crisis and that our young people are particularly affected (HHS). The PMM platform will organize and produce education and entertainment through its website, movies, music and other means with resources to encourage mental fitness. instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn / Website

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