International Music Artist Kameko Tarnez to Release New Music This Spring

“Not so long ago we were slaves. We had no right to change. We must be aware of who we really are; the mothers and fathers of planet Earth. True lyrics sung by Kameko Tarnez, taken from her February 2021 single “Get-Up”.

Known for his powerful statements, this man once again draws us in with his vocal delivery in this very revealing post. After a long hiatus, after his multiple sold-out international tours and collaborations with icons such as Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Grace Jones, Toni Braxton, etc.

We are so delighted to announce that Kameko Tarnez is back on the music scene and will be releasing her long-awaited EP this spring! With all the injustice in the world, Kameko’s music offers us some much needed healing and his previously released single “Get-Up” was a perfect match for his true message of unity, love and empowerment.

In this single, he urges people to claim their true power and come together as one unit. A unity based on love and respect. A unity that will help heal the world. A unity we need to grow as humanity. Will you join the movement?

Click on the links below to download “Get Up” and follow Kameko on his journey.




Posted on April 3, 2022