Israel-based musical artist Omri Gueta directs OMRI.; creates a new wave in the musical space

Omri is rapidly gaining popularity in Tel Aviv for its vibrant music

Tel Aviv, Israel – Israel-based music artist Omri Gueta is making a splash in the local music space with his original and vibrant music. He has created a niche for himself and his music in Tel Aviv. Many of his admirers see him as a breath of fresh air setting the tone for the dynamic new local generation.

His main project, OMRI. gaining popularity in the region, primarily known for its deep, trippy sound combined with presenting an angle of its journey and evolution. Omri found his passion for music at an early stage, and since then he has captivated audiences with his original, independently produced music.

Plus additional OMRI scaling. where he leads performances and studio sessions, Omri also plays a pivotal role in developing a Tuesday night “More Than Friends” team at the awesome Drama Klub.

Her latest album, “My Name is Omri Dot”, released in 2022, is receiving an incredible response from listeners. He has also released many singles over the years and built up a strong following on all music platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.

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Company Name: OMRI. / OMRI dot
Contact person: OMRI GUETA
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Call: +972-54-442-0377
Town: Tel Aviv
Country: Israel