“It’s another way of telling stories”

Tyler Thompson has already had a phenomenal career as a producer of critically and commercially acclaimed films like black swan, bangle, american made and The Chicago 7 Trialbut the pandemic and a major event in his life made him reconsider some of his professional choices.

“We had our fourth child, Liv, at the height of the lockdown. She was a premature baby and in the NICU for 35 days,” he says. Billboard. “I decided at that point that I wanted to move on to the next chapter. [with] another way of telling stories that no one could take away from me.

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The natural choice was music. However, there was a problem: Thompson could play the guitar but could not sing. With time off during the hiatus, “I just started singing every day and took singing lessons to get stronger and understand the basics of someone who had a classical background,” explains the native of Louisiana. “I started working on songs at Tipitina in New Orleans while the venue was closed due to COVID, which would never have been possible in normal times.”

Thompson, 36, enlisted some powerful names to join him in the studio for the project, which he recorded over a two-year period. His friend, Rolling Stones drummer Steve Jordan, produced and played drums, Derek Trucks played guitar, and Pino Palladino played bass, with Thompson on guitar and vocals. He and famed singer-songwriter Will Hoge, who penned hits like Eli Young Band’s “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” created all 10 songs on the album.

In the studio, “I realized early on that I would never be remembered as a phenomenal singer, so I focused on storytelling. It came naturally to me,” says Thompson.

His next step was to sign to a label. Someone from RCA in New York introduced him to the team at sister company Sony Nashville, and he doggedly pursued a record deal. “They weren’t signing anyone new but loved the demos, which I continually bombarded them with,” Thompson says. “They passed and were silent for six months. One day I randomly emailed them to check it out with a few of my new tunes attached, and got a follow up call with [Sony Nashville chairman/CEO] Randy Bonman and [vp of A&R] Margaret Tomlin. They liked the music and the sound and bet on me.

“Tyler’s success in film proves his innate gift for identifying compelling stories and bringing them to a global audience,” says Tomlin. “We are thrilled to partner with him on his next creative chapter and look forward to seeing how he connects with listeners in this new medium.”

Its debut song, “Won’t Take Long,” hits streaming services on Friday, but listeners can hear snippets of the midtempo track in the trailer below. Written by Hoge, it’s the opening salvo for the upcoming full album.

“It’s one of those breakup bits about those younger relationships that we’ve all had that usually sting more than you let on,” Thompson says of “Won’t Take Long.” “It’s the important part of storytelling that connects us all to those personal moments. Throughout my career, I’ve always been passionate about telling stories that no one else was ready to tell. and bringing projects back from the brink to give them new life. It happened when I made Black Swan, and that’s exactly what I think we’re doing with this song, which was written by my buddy Will many years ago.

As Thompson, who signed with CAA for representation of his music career, further explains in the trailer, making music isn’t all that different from filmmaking. “A lot of it was about adapting the storytelling,” he says, “[It’s] no different than when you get a script for a movie.

The trailer also shows Thompson in the studio working with Jordan in person and remotely and further explaining his mission. “I really wanted to do this…and it wasn’t about the money and it wasn’t about the fame, because I saw all this stuff and it means nothing to me,” he said. “At the end of the day, when you really find something you want to do and a real passion, at the end of the day, you’ll do anything for it.”

Although he immediately focused on his music, Thompson kept his day job. The next film to be released through his Cross Creek Pictures is pale blue eye with Christian Bale on Netflix.

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