J Balvin Net Worth 2022: Is he the richest Latin music artist of all time?

J Balvin is one of the most sought after Latin artists in the world – selling over 35 million records worldwide; he is undeniably the Prince of Reggaeton!

With his enormous commercial success on tour and in recording, J Balvin’s fortune must have been enormous compared to other up-and-coming Latin artists on the music scene.

Net worth of J Balvin 2022

According to Celebrity Net Worth, J Balvin, formerly known as José álvaro Osorio Balvín, has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

However, some websites report that the singer’s net worth drops from $12 million to $44.95 million.

For Net Worth Spot, J Balvin’s net worth catapults to $62.94 million if his YouTube account is considered an additional source of income.

J Balvin’s YouTube account generates 187.31 million views per month, which in turn brings in $750,000 per month, with $11.24 million per year.

With his huge net worth, fans and new discoverers of J Balvin’s music can’t help but wonder how the reggaeton singer established himself as the biggest artist in the Latin music scene.

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J Balvin Music career

Since his breakthrough in 2013, J Balvin has produced a total of six studio albums, including his most recent self-titled album, “Jose.”

Balvin’s third studio album, “Vibras,” which spawned the international hit “Mi Gente,” is an album certified 8x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, along with his collaboration album with Bad Bunny, “Oasis.”

Meanwhile, “Colores”, his fourth album, has been certified 5x Platinum while his fifth and most recent, “Jose”, is certified 6x Platinum.

Besides his best-selling albums, J Balvin has also held sold-out solo world tours.

In 2018, J Balvin’s “Energia Tour” generated more than $2.5 million in revenue.

Balvin has also supported stadium-filled world tours of other prominent Latin artists. The 36-year-old Latin singer also supported Shakira on her “The Sun Comes Out World Tour” in 2011 and Enrique Iglesias’ “Sex and Love Tour” in 2014.

Is J Balvin the richest Latin music artist to date?

Compared to prominent Latin music artists, J Balvin’s net worth may not be the highest, but he still ranks at the top of the list.

Jennifer Lopez net worth is around $450 million while her Super Bowl partner Shakira is around $300 million.

Enrique Iglesias’ assets stand at around $100 million, while Daddy Yankee comes in fourth with $40 million.

In fifth place is J Balvin, whose net worth is around $20 million, and his frequent collaborator Bad Bunny is around $8 million.

Despite ranking near the bottom of the list, Balvin established himself as the “leader of a second-generation reggaeton revolution” for propelling urban music to the forefront of Latin music worldwide. . (via Guinness Book of World Records)

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