Jam In The Van is Venice’s solar-powered music studio and pop-up comedy venue

The project also has a Youtube channel to reach audiences around the world

By Dolores Quintana

Jam In The Van (JITV) is a project born out of Jake Cotler and David Bell’s love for music and with the help of investor Louis Peek. Their website describes the project and says, “The mobile solar-powered recording studio and YouTube channel changing the way the world discovers new music. Launched in 2011 as a backyard project inspired by a love for music festivals, JITV has since blossomed into a full-fledged business venture for Jake Cotler, Dave Bell and Louis Peek. The company has filmed over 1,000 bands in remote locations across the United States. With new sessions, every day of the week from Monday to Friday, Jam in the Van is the leader in music discovery.

The Van is indeed solar powered and while the project started long before the pandemic, the founders discovered that their comedian friends needed a place to do stand-up routines since everything was closed during Covid shutdowns as reported by the Los Angeles Times. They got involved because of a Youtube personality, Andrew Callaghan, who was trying to get help and advice from his fans to convert a motorhome into a music studio in 2020. Cotler ad Bell thought, hey , we did it ourselves when Cotler used his backyard in Venice, CA to park their first vehicle Jam In The Van aka their first recording studio in 2011.

Cotler told Callaghan, quoted by the Los Angeles Times, ‘Yo, why are you disrespecting us? We are the guys! When Callaghan accepted their invitation and brought along comedian friend Ali Macofsky, the idea was born. They could use their JITV space to host comedy shows. It was mutually beneficial for the comedians and Cotler and Bell and the comedy shows took off. Now, especially since the pandemic restrictions have eased, the JITV team has traveled all over the United States and continues to make music and comedy shows.

If you want to see a show, you can check their schedule here.

Cotler and Bell are still collaborating and on their website they also give the information to anyone who wants to be a part of JINTV. The website says, “Want to get involved!? Email us at [email protected] You want to jam in the van! ? Email us at mailto:[email protected] »