Japanese Music Artist Riku Offers A Deep Musical Touch In His New Song “The Regret Was Left Behind”

Singer and songwriter Riku (戮) just released their new track, ‘待ち侘びて、残された結末’ meaning “Regret was left behind”a spontaneous and captivating verse.

seasoned musician Riku (戮) presents a beautiful course of modern production companies with its new track, ‘待ち侘びて、残された結末’ meaning “Regret was left behind”. Creating a beautiful landscape of musical concepts, it brings a captivating melodic and rhythmic verse to the general public. His conviction and his passion run through the song as if it belonged to him. The track also exemplifies glamorous contemporary production that takes the music to a new generation of resurgence.

Known as the lead singer of well-known bands named HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, Lin and chars and others, Riku (戮) portrays his experimental side through his music. Its concepts and individuality are components of its soundscape that set it apart from others. The song ‘待ち侘びて、残された結末’ Where “Regret was left behind” reflects one of his best works that will add to his creative legacy. It’s inspired by his favorite proverb, “There’s no need to cry over spilled milk”, which conveys the idea that we should make time for the people and things we care about rather than crying when it’s already too much. late. A soundscape that navigates through time and eras, this artist is here to change the perspective of musical independence. Follow his work on Spotify, Instagram and Twitter to learn more about his complex musical journey.

Listen to his track on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/20Kzus3rAGSJ45EbPm3mNb