Jenks’ Music Artist AleXa Returns to NBC’s ‘American Song Contest’ for Semi-Finals | Music

AleXa, a K-pop artist from Jenks, wowed viewers with her March 21 appearance on NBC’s “American Song Contest.” “Wonderland,” the original song she debuted on the show, has been streamed over 1.1 million times.

AleXa will look to step it up a notch when they return on Monday, April 25 for the live semi-final.

“American Song Contest” is a first-season series that features 56 musical artists — one representing each U.S. state and territory — competing to be the last singer standing.

The field was reduced to 11 for the semi-finals. A press notice said the semi-finalists will take the stage for “elevated” performances of their songs.

AleXa said she is ready for new visuals when she returns. She wore a white outfit and her hair was dyed blue the first time. She dyes her hair a different color and she said the outfit would be a surprise.

During a teleconference, she was asked to strike a balance between maintaining her individuality and creating a song that was popular enough for viewers to vote for on the show. She talked about how K-pop is going mainstream. She said that “Wonderland” is poppy enough to win the hearts of American audiences, but it still has enough K-pop elements to maintain its K-pop fandom.

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Viewers can vote for their favorite performances at, the NBC app and on TikTok. Voting for the semi-finals will open on Monday evening and end on Tuesday morning.