Joni Sandez, the very first musical artist NFT Norteño

New York, United States – March 7, 2022 – People are turning to NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as a new way to represent and trade digital assets. Joni Sandez is the very first NFT norteno music artist. He recently released his latest single titled “Muevete Luz Verde”, and it is exclusively available on the blockchain.

“If we can play games, have pictures, then why not do the same with music and concerts. This melody (Muevete Luz Verde) is more than a song but a game for people to dance to. said Joni Sandez after explaining the importance of how music can bring people together.

Joni’s music has a unique sound that mixes traditional norteno music with modern beats and beats. He was born and raised in rural California, and his music is heavily influenced by his Mexican heritage and the traditional music of his ancestors.

Joni Sandez is one of the first Latin American artists on the NFT market! He’s been in the Latin Regional Mexican music business for over a decade now, and now you can own one of his unique NFT collectibles. NFT holders will also receive a percentage of songs, priority in its community, and future access to metaverse events. They will also have unique giveaways and raffles throughout the year.

The core model of Joni Sandez’s Infinity Stem collection is to provide people with access to premium music royalties. The person who owns an NFT from this collection will partner with Joni Sandez and his team and will be paid quarterly directly by his distributor. These NFTs can be sold or bought at any time and the proceeds will go to supporting the artist but will also be donated to music supporters.

“La música nos une, is a message in Spanish that means music unites us,” says Joni Sandez. He believes that with his Infinity Stem collection, people can work together to create a better future. “I unite with music supporters by giving them a percentage of my songs in this collection. It’s truly amazing what NFTs are doing these days and how contracts are made on the blockchain. Joni Sandez thinks this is a new way to enjoy, invest in and support music, and hopes you’ll join the NFT community!

If you’re a fan of regional Mexican music from Latin America, be sure to check out Joni Sandez’s music on the blockchain. You can own one of his unique NFT collectibles and you’ll have exclusive access to his new album, as well as in the future. events in the metaverse. Plus, you’ll get a percentage of the songs and future merchandise sales!

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