Latest Gospel Music Artist Isn’t Human, All ‘Biblical Love’ Voices Created By Artificial Intelligence

The new gospel music artist is basically virtual, made from artificial intelligence.

The digital artist’s name is JC and the song is titled Biblical Love.

The relevant magazine reports that it is the first gospel song ever written by an algorithm, recorded by an algorithm, and performed by an algorithm.

Created by Marquis Boone Enterprises in Atlanta, Georgia, JC is not a flesh-and-blood artist.

The song, according to a press release from the company, is about “an unquantifiable love beyond description or measure – a love of biblical proportions that transcends everyone and everything!”

Tyler Huckabee, editor of Relevant, explains in his article that this is not new technology. After all, China has had AI-generated pop stars for years.

But as Huckabee notes, “With AI, there’s no complicated ego, no messy process of spiritual deconstruction, no second thoughts, and, of course, no career-threatening scandals. Chorus, some biblical buzzwords and a pretty confusing emotional high.”

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Click on the player below to listen to Biblical Love by JC.

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