Listen to music artist 610 Preemo’s dynamic take on hip-hop and RnB in new track “SOULAR”

Upcoming Music Artist 610 PreemO features a resonant range of hip hop and R&B modulations through the verses of his new track, ‘SOUL‘.

JModern concepts of music are redefined with the best creative flavors by the upcoming artist 610 PreemO. He recently released the track titled ‘SOUL‘ which defies norms and benchmarks and displays music at its most frank. The song is my current favorite and each loop reveals a deeper meaning. Lyrical and melodic strains combine to form a harmony that resonates with that of current flavors. The artist also lays the groundwork for a thematic storyline about self-love and sustenance in his music that lifts the spirits of audiences even further.

Artist 610 PreemO is the youngest in the neighborhood that offers new-age modules in the field of hip hop. Track, ‘SOUL‘ also contains electronic modulation components that allow it to deliver a more pervasive and immersive musical experience. His music and creative vision are inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson and Bob Marley who conveyed a sense of acceptance. Speaking of self-love, he optimizes his music for his audience, allowing them to chart a path to contentment as well. Stay tuned for the release of his next album which is set to drop on December 24th. Follow his music for an unlimited arena of modern chronicles on Spotify, instagramand Twitter.

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