Listen to Music Artist Chris Browne’s New Track “The Ghost Town Mastered” BrowneProject

Chris Browne BrowneProject is a musical artist who released the track “The Mastered Ghost Town” which is a reconstructed version of his old single of the same name.

Manchor based musical artist Chris Browne BrowneProject is here to build mental health awareness through its hard-hitting and melodic music. His soundscape brims with optimism as he takes the audience on a reflective journey through his musical and thematic progressions. He recently released the track, “The Mastered Ghost Town” which will also feature on his upcoming album “The Indie Decade Mastered” due out in October. The song marks the 11and anniversary of his debut album ‘169’ which also featured the original track of the same name. An accomplished singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he is here to serve throughout his incredible musical journey.

Chris Browne BrowneProject is an independent folk artist who shares all the thematic weaves of his songs from a place of personal experience with mental health. He started his career as a busker in 2008 and has released 7 albums so far with two more records to come. Future albums will be mastered by Abbey Road Studios and Metropolis Studios, giving him a platform to showcase his creative aptitude and message to the world. His passion and resilience are also prominent in his new version, “The mastered ghost town”. Convinced that music is the ultimate healer, he is ready to take it to the highest platform of global celebration. His other songs that are a harbinger of purpose and meaning are “Purple Flow Instrumental”, “Take A Little Time”, “Radioactive Cities” and “Stace N Stars”. Listen to his music by following him on Soundcloud, Facebook, TwitterInstagram and YouTube.

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