Local music artist with global sound

Being described as “a Filipina with a global sound” should put any woman under pressure. At least in the local music scene, there is usually a proven group of male-dominated recording experts who are behind the sound of most female solo artists.

For some reason, many of them just show up in the recording studio when it’s time for them to sing their already arranged songs.

Count Lesha, singer-songwriter and producer herself, hailed from this seemingly long-standing tradition. She gained popularity for being DIY-type and totally independent. The fact that she does it herself and that she knows the sound she wants to adopt makes her legitimate in the perception of talents abroad with whom to collaborate seems like second nature in her career.

Lesha’s latest single, “Twin Flames”, a collaboration with UK’s Lewis Maxwell (bottom right) and Bahrain-based music producer Ghauri, was released on November 12.

“I’ve been preparing my whole life for this,” she said with her heart beating in a cool beat, “I’ve always wanted to represent the Philippines to the world ever since I started playing and competing. I can’t wait for this moment to arrive and for the universe to give me this opportunity.

Last Friday, Lesha’s latest single, actually a track from her debut album Sun Moon Rising, was released in all its electropop glory. It’s called Twin Flames, and listening to it puts you in another place, probably in a beautiful faraway land, as evidenced by its collaboration with Lewis Maxwell from the UK and Bahrain-based music producer Ghauri.

The surprising section of the song appears in its pre-chorus which reads: “Our connection is so magnetic and I feel it / It’s the way we move / We push and pull and I can’t stop thinking about the way we set the mood.”

Let Lewis, her songwriting collaborator, describe how Lesha connects with someone in a different time zone.

“The first three hours of the call,” he recalls, “me and Lesha talked about just about everything. We just wrote together and then things happened like we didn’t really have to try too hard.

As you might expect from a successful YouTuber who has won international and local music-related competitions, Lesha has been productive amid the pandemic, having released seven songs since the world went into lockdown. Last August, the release of the cute pop title track, in which she sexually asks for someone’s name, number and sign, left her unstoppable as she releases the contents of the album one by one. almost every month.

To underline her growing reputation overseas, she joined the prestigious British music distribution company AWAL. It is said that “not all artists can be accepted because AWAL only selects artists with a trajectory and notable milestones”. She recalls: “I went through an application process and after five days I received an acceptance email from the team!”

She added, “AWAL empowers independent artists by giving them full control and ownership of their work.”

The thrill remains in the air until all the songs included in her album, which really showcases her ability as a producer-songwriter, are dropped on digital stores.