M1 MacBook Air and iPad Air help create a music studio [Setups]

Redditor madeitinthewild makes great music in Canada. Or he makes music, anyway. Jazz. You can tell by the assortment of saxophones next to his mini music studio based on M1 MacBook Air and iPad Air 4. That, and he said it.

“Remember to always practice Sax safely,” came the obligatory jazz joke comment.

“No way am I living on the edge,” replied madeitinthewild, somewhat true to his Reddit handle.

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Mini music studio production performance

When commenting on the MacBook Air’s performance in music production, madeitinthewild noted that its MBA is the base model, meaning it has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage via SSD.

“My MBA is the basic model and I had no problems!” he said. “I use logic and rarely go over twenty tracks (mostly jazz music) so it doesn’t even get hot lmao.”

“Logic” refers to Logic Pro, which the commentator also uses. This is the digital audio workstation (DAW) and MIDI sequencer software for macOS that Apple acquired from a German company in 2002 and still sells on the App Store. The popular, free and more consumer-oriented app, GarageBand, is built on top of it.

The reviewer mentioned that they recently swapped out a base model Intel i9-powered MacBook Pro for a Mac mini M1 with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, along with an iPad Air-powered sidecar.

“I notice that the Intel-based plugins literally take a second to load, while the native plugins are instant,” they said. “I noticed that my maximum CPU usage was around 30%.”

Those are good performance numbers in anyone’s music book. Come on, MacBook Air M1.

Magic Trackpad and Logitech MX Master Mouse

Madeitinthewild is another example of someone happily finding uses for both a Magic Trackpad and a mouse. In his case, the Logitech MX Master 2S wireless mouse. It looks a lot like the popular MX Master 3 mouse, so a number of reviewers have mistaken it for the same.

And many users love the Logitech MX Master series, in general.

“I have to second the MX Master, a great mouse, and for someone switching between 3 computers – MBA M1, Windows for work and gaming – the speed at which it switches between devices, unbeatable.”

Get them both, and cheap too

But some people worry if they get such a good mouse, they won’t use the Magic Trackpad.

“Just out of curiosity, do you find much use for the trackpad with the mx master 3?” asked a Redditor. “Considering to buy a mx master 3, but fear it will mean I stop using my touchpad.”

Madeitinthewild responded confidently. He also pointed out the deal people could get on the old MX Master 2S.

“Yeah, I use them both (I used them both for a total of $100 CAD) and it’s a mx master 2s! Still great and I use them both with logic, mostly trackpad for web browsing/email, mx for unity,” he said.

So he said – mostly in Canadian – that he got the Magic Trackpad and the Logitech MX Master 2S mouse for a total of around $78.

It’s music to anyone’s ears.

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