Mania Mode, new music album from the game DiscoCactus, available now:

If you’re a frequent traveler on the gaming convention circuit, chances are you’ve heard of indie band DiscoCactus. While, sadly, they’re not made up of a series of spiky plants growling to archaic ’60s tunes, they’re pretty sick when it comes to tapping into our collective love for gaming OSTs. They revamp familiar tunes, from the PS1 to the GameCube, reinterpreting them in fresh, new, and endlessly danceable ways. After giving many performances since their inception, to enthusiastic applause, they decided that the time had come to serve up a real album; and it is now available, named ‘Mania Mode’ after Sonic Mania. It’s an apt name, as the music for this game features prominently in the lineup.

Pictured: a literal discocactus. It’s a 70s cactus if I’ve ever seen one.

GamesPress has the scoop on this one. Describing DiscoCactus as “one of the most impressive bands both in terms of unique arrangements and unbridled talent”, it was revealed that the collection “features some of the greatest game music from all of the favorite indie games of fans and beyond, including everything from personas 5 and Sonic Mania for DELTRARUNE and hollow knight.”

Reassemble the group

But don’t take our word for it – here’s the official statement from the band itself. “This album is a celebration of our passion for video game music,” the band notes. “We like to dig into our favorite musical themes, take them apart and see what makes them tick, then reinterpret that material in a new way. We use a variety of styles and genres in our arrangements to reflect our experiences with games and bring them to life with the help of the many talented artists we collaborate with!

Take a look at the full track listing for the album below:

  1. Victory Storm (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Final Fantasy VII)
  2. You are lost (The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening)
  3. Greentrail (hollow knight)
  4. RAID (cross code)
  5. Kaine’s Salvation (Deny)
  6. Please no steppe (Final Fantasy XIV)
  7. Rage keeps you alive (Gods will watch)
  8. Queen of Chaos (DELTRARUNE)
  9. Shattered Dreams (DELTARUNE)
  10. Studiopolis (Sonic Mania)
  11. I was born for this (Journey)
  12. Last Surprise (personas 5)

If you’re interested in listening, after all this blaring adulation, Mania Mode can be heard on all major digital storefronts. Will you be listening, so to speak? Are you a fan of DiscoCactus music? Let us know!

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