Mav Kang: a famous actor and now a musical artist


Published on September 18, 2022 |
by Paul Hernández

Being a famous actor is something every one of them wants, but not all of them can achieve it. Maverick Kang aka Mav Kang, on the other hand, is lucky to smile at him from being a successful stuntman and is now on his way to becoming a famous musician.

Currently residing in Thailand, Mav has always wanted to be a musical artist. Producing music was a dream he wanted to pursue one day. He got huge success as an actor in movies like RRR (2022) and more. This prompted him to try his luck in music

production. It is not surprising that with his talent and passion, he exploded even in this area.

His album ILLUMINATION is a hit and a peak on the streaming game. He gained more recognition for his album on social media with new followers including fans and supporters. His dream of making music that can be told to listeners has come true. His music is trendy and modern, but also has that slice of nostalgia that you never get over.

His fans are thrilled and can’t wait to see what kind of music he will release in the future. It also means that now the expectations are set and he will have to do his best to meet them all.

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