Meet Ashish Khandal, a rising musical artist and singer who is taking the music world by storm

When we talk about the sectors of creativity and skills, the first industry that comes to mind is music. The music industry is blessed with great personalities, whose musical skills have set a huge benchmark for creative work and have entertained millions of audiences with their musical artistry. When we take a look at the current era of music industry, some youngsters showed the amazing art of music and bought effective change by collaborating their music skills with innovative technology, platform digital and social. All of these areas have effectively helped these young talents to explore the world by connecting with billions of people.

Shine and shine in the world with your talent is what inspired and motivated Ashish Khandal to lead the entertainment industry. With his miraculous and amazing ability, he is deeply recognized as the best Composer all over the world. Ashish Khandal, the iconic personality, is becoming the role model for various youngsters. He conveyed the message of love and harmony through his ability to sing.

Deeply in love with music, Ashish Khandal finds his life’s purpose in living his passion which led him to shine in the cloud of victory. His enthusiasm and creativity energized the music industry with unparalleled talent.

Meet one such rising star in the music world who has established his own unique place in the industry and in the hearts of massive people with his professional music art – Ashish Khandal. The young talent in the music world has captivated the industry and listeners with his unique musical creations. Ashish Khandal has always dreamed of establishing himself in the music industry. For which he honed his talent to master his art and skills.

Hard work, determination, dedication and consistent performance have been her assets in her journey to success. Music director, singer and songwriter Ashish Khandal resides in India. With over 20 million views, his Hindi and Marathi albums have broken various national records. He has worked with artists such as Ankit Tiwari, Mohammad Irfan, Jonita Gandhi, Jubin Nautiyal and Akanksha Sharma.

Ashish Khandal was born on June 30, 1988 in Jaipur, Rajasthan to Hindu Brahmin parents. His father’s name is Kishore Kumar Sharma and his mother’s name is Sadhana Sharma. Her family includes a sister, Prakrity Sharma. After graduating from Vivekanand Public School, Ashish pursued a Masters in Music at the University of Rajasthan.

As an artist, what differentiates you from others is your passion and your creations. Ashish Khandal, the man of immense power and self-confidence, amazed the world with his unbeatable talent and victory.

The ocean of talent is bestowed by miraculous people like Ashish Khandal who has proven that human beings can create miracles through their inner soul and belief system.

Music is a word that is heard by the universe, adding and shaping talent is what creates miracles in the world. Ashish Khandal deeply in love with rhythms has enchanted the world with his melodic sound.

Sounds with nature add feelings and emotions to the person. Understanding Connectedness Ashish Khandal shines his music with captivating lyrics with his emotions that have thrilled people and at times brought millions of people to tears in their eyes.

Ashish has always been fascinated by music since childhood. In order to pursue his passion, he left his engineering career and moved to Mumbai. As a music composer with T Series, he released his first song Dil Buddhu. Later, he composed the song Dhaga Dhaga, which was sung by Aakanksha Sharma & Souvik Ganguly for Zee Music. During a concert in March 2018, the song Hamdard Hai was sung by famous songwriter-singer Ankit Tiwari and received an overwhelming response.

An artist like Ashish Khandal continues the creative legacy of a master musical artist who pours happiness into the lives of millions. He is a source of inspiration for emerging talents in the music world. For what he says – “nothing seems impossible if you have passion and love for your work.” As an artist, Ashish Khandal is growing tremendously with the love and support of his huge fans and millions of viewers.

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