“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind”, meet talented young musical artist Ashwani Chauhan. A young Indian music artist and influencer says, “Seeing a dream is not enough, you have to work hard to achieve it”. He is the youngest musician and he also inspires many people of his age.

Ashwani Chauhan

Ashwani Chauhan was born on February 25, 2002. He is from Chandigarh, India. He completed his studies in Chandigarh. By profession, he is a great composer of musical rhythms. Since childhood, he loves playing music and apart from that he also loves photo shoots and modeling. During his school time he was appreciated by his friends and teachers for his musical skills and today he works hard for it. Day by day, he improves his skills.

Asked about his strength, he said that his family and friends have always supported him, their appreciation and support make him do better than before, and he also added that he will always be grateful to people who are always there to support him.

Its Composition

He believes that “Every day is a chance to improve” and with this belief, he made himself work hard and become a better musician day by day. And we all know that “step by step we are going very far”. With this dedication, he successfully composed his music “The Lime and the Waves”.

Which is available on his YouTube channel and also on Spotify.

Its realization

“Who you are tomorrow starts with what you do today”. Ashwani Chauhan said that “be it any social media platform today, everyone is looking to entertain themselves and entertaining them is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and courage to perform in front of an audience. There comes a time when people don’t see your efforts and say things that demotivate us but never give up is a mantra that leads to success. And that’s the mantra that I follow and I will follow it throughout my life.

One of his greatest accomplishments is that at the age of 19, he earned the title of youngest musician in India and also the honor of digital marketing expertand it’s excellent. As an influencer, he also talked about his study of digital marketing, he said that digital marketing plays a major role in establishing your brand. A digital platform is so powerful today where you showcase your talent and reach your audience, being anywhere and that’s awesome. He also mentioned that today we have so many opportunities and also many platforms where people not only connect with you but also support you. It gives me more strength to evolve in my field.

For more about him and his upcoming songs, stay tuned and listen to his recent release “Lime and Waves”

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