Multimedia artist Alexandre Rangel publishes NFTs created with artificial intelligence, music and interactivity

> is a unique NFT project, with artificial intelligence animations, generative music and interactive audiovisual remix applications

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL, November 3, 2022 / — NFT Project I am not a robot >> by Alexandre Rangel, will be launched on November 9 at Doctor of Art and Technology (UnB), Rangel has been working since the 1990s on video art, experimental music and the creation of free audiovisual software.

The project evolves from sound animations of robot eyes, to robot heads and then full robots, each with new audiovisual elements. All parts can be rearranged and remixed interactively by collectors, through web 3 apps and in the metaverse.

Application prototype for remixing collection items.

Representing a new trend in visual arts and new imaging technologies, animations are created with artificial intelligence processes. In this technique, the artist communicates with the machine through descriptive texts, in a mixture of programming and poetry as a new creative practice. Rangel explains, “I wasn’t so excited about an artistic possibility in 30 years of research and production in art and technology. Just like when the first 3D software was developed, in the 90s. And there are those who compare the use of Artificial Intelligence in the production of images with the advent of photography – a technical and aesthetic revolution .”

The first phase (“EYEz” collection) is composed of 5,000 NFTs with Artificial Intelligence and Generative Music animations. Each soundtrack was also created from programming code, allowing for many major or subtle variations within a single musical theme.

Then an application will be developed with new visual and musical possibilities, including user-made remixes. One of the highlights is the Remix LAB web application, in which collectors can connect their NFTs and make new audiovisual creations, in a unique interactivity system in contemporary art.

NFT’s “HEADz” and “ROBOTz” AV collections are set to release in early 2023, adding new visuals and musical layers.

In the Metaverse system, owners will be able to interact with other participants, in a creative 3D environment. In this last phase, the public will be able to develop collaborative experiences of visual and sound arts in a futuristic cybernetic universe, mixing the robotic parts and the unique sound layers of their NFTs.

The project intensifies its connection to the visual arts, introducing the ability to print NFTs on canvas-like fine art media, through raffles and commissions.

Thanks to the capacity for audiovisual interactivity between the participating audiences, the project becomes an open work. Collectors then become active agents of construction in an infinite loop of constant innovation and development.

Project roadmap

“In this series of AI-powered artwork and music, we get a glimpse into an imaginary time when evolution provided humanity with a way to sustain itself long after our resources had died. The birth of the new human expression came with the research and reuse of electronic and biological parts and self-constructed exoskeletal shells for spirits and souls in the 30th century. memories, thoughts, behaviors, dreams, and emotions. Robots now remind us of our imperfections, abilities, flaws, and impending mortality. Life portraits of robotic characters potentiate discussions of longevity and life. endurance of the human race, with its constant search for individuality – and questioning what really makes us human The humanity of robots lies in their imperfections explains Rangel.

Alexandre Rangel

Alexandre Rangel is a multimedia artist from Brasilia, doctor of art and technology, working since the 1990s with video art, experimental music and the creation of audiovisual software. He developed the open source software “Quase-Cinema VJ software”, a platform for live cinematographic creation, audiovisual experimentation and artistic education. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Masters in Art Education, Doctorate in Art and Technology from the University of Brasilia with the thesis “The artist as a developer of computer systems”. Recognized internationally, the artist is represented by the Metaverse agency, which will launch the EYEz collection during Rio Innovation Week 2022.

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Date: November 9 – 2022
NFT value: 0.05 ETH (Ethereum blockchain)
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